Saturday 30 April 2016

Devotion drives the startup owner and Devoted Fan is a great idea

There is one thing that comes out when you speak to startup entrepreneurs about their business. It is their devotion to what they do in their lives every day. Devotion is a major factor in being successful at anything and in today’s blog I take a look at a website that has been born from devotion and looks like it will be taking the next steps on to something big.

Devoted Fan is a great website that I have come across. It has been developed to show devotion to some of the things outside of the business world that inspire us in our everyday lives. I have written in one of my blog pieces before about inspiration and it plays a really important part of making us who we are. This great website takes it to the next level. This is a fantastic website where you can get the chance to-

  •          Browse and vote for your favorite celebrities from all the different categories we have
  •          Share those great selfies you have with your favorite celebrity
  •          Tell the world about the impact a celebrity had or is having on your life in your own words

There is a dedicated page for each and every celebrity so you can see all the love they have and the stories, selfies and inspirations people share about your most loved celebrity. This is a great way to get involved with the celebrity or celebrities you love the most and let the world know just how much you love them!

Devoted Fan is a great idea for a website and you as a startup entrepreneur can use the inspiration that it brings to your own business. The fact is that celebrity sells and people always want a forum to voice their opinions. If you can provide either of these for your startup business then you will stand a much better chance of being the entrepreneur that survives. In your own industry or specialism you can tap into how people want to share their ideas and inspirations to help your company to succeed.

Check out the website today at Devoted Fan then you can see what a great idea it is and share how your favorite celebrity has inspired you in some way. Perhaps we can get a category going for business leaders! I put forward the name Sir Richard Branson to start the discussion rolling.

Friday 29 April 2016

The Strategic Startup is a great place to expand your Startup business

The best startup entrepreneurs are learning all of the time. They take on information and process things that can help them with their business all the time. One great way to gather information that can be useful to your startup business is by reading blogs. I have found a great blog that is interesting and full of useful information. It is called The Strategic Startup and it is full of tips and ideas on how to make a success of your startup business.

It is a sad fact that so many startups don’t make it through the first year. This is not through a lack of ability or knowledge but often through a lack of learning. I urge my readers to open their eyes to all potential sources of information that can help you to expand your horizons and become the best startup entrepreneur that you can possibly be. The Strategic Startup is a fantastic place to start. From the very first words in the very first entry you can feel the enthusiasm that Kishan, the writer of this blog, has for this subject. Enthusiasm goes a hell of a long way in startup business and this guy has it in spades.

I have looked at reading books and articles, attending meetings and listening to others in the same way throughout my career. You may well go to a meeting, for example, with the attitude that you have heard all of this before. You would actually be wrong. If you go in with the attitude that if you learn just one new thing then you will have made a success of that time. With The Strategic Startup blog from Kishan Modha you will learn all kinds of new things that can be applied to your startup business-

  •          How to develop your potential
  •          How to set up your startup business
  •          The research you need to carry out at the start of your business
  •          Planning your short-term and long-term goals
  •          And more!

The Strategic Startup is a wonderful place to add to the knowledge and experience that you have when getting your startup business off the ground. As your business develops then you will want to arm yourself with more knowledge and more skills to cope with the oncoming challenges that any startup business faces.  By reading the informative and inspiring words of Kishan you will get a massive helping hand on your way to success.

Thursday 28 April 2016

Odor Masters USA is a fantastic opportunity for the budding startup business owner

Sometimes you know that you want to startup your own business but you are just not sure in what area you want to do this. There are opportunities out there but it can be a minefield choosing the right one. You want one that has been established and successful for a while. You want a business that has a proven track record.

This is where comes in. They have a great product that has been on the market for 25 years and has been tried and tested by consumers. They are offering a fantastic opportunity to get a license to start your own model of this company, with access to the 25 year tried and true company experience. This truly is a great opportunity for someone who knows that they want to be their own boss but maybe don’t know yet what form that will take. If you can do the following things then this could be the opportunity for you-

  •          Expect success for you and your new business
  •          Be able to trust in the process
  •          Be a truly great brand advocate
  •          Have the desire to build the business
  •          Want to have fun in helping people

This is a wonderful chance to have your own business and become a success by using the reputation and product that someone else has developed over a quarter of a century. There are hardly any opportunities as good as this out there! Take the chance to work with with both hands.

It offers you the opportunity to help your customers deal with a common problem – the one of persistent odors. There is high demand for this product and you will be eliminating odors with a patent-pending process that gets results every time. The potential market out there is huge and all it needs is someone to fill that need in your area. Once you make that first sale the referrals start to come flooding in.

The opportunity is easy to understand because it offers a straightforward deal-
  •          Retain the profits because there are no royalty fees
  •          The revenue you bring in is 100% yours – there is no accounting oversight
  •          There isn’t any daily or monthly paperwork to complete
  •          No requirement to change vehicle – just drive what you already own
  •          You don’t need to spend on advertising – Your sales bring in fast referrals
  •          Your territory is protected so you can build an equitable business

This means that it is easy to get started and easy to continue running your business with

Saturday 23 April 2016

100% real guaranteed traffic straight to you from SiteTrafficKing

In my blog I constantly talk about the need to get exposure for your startup business. To succeed you must have exposure for your product or service to be able to get up and running and to become established as a sound business. You want your message about your company and your products to get out there and reach your potential customers. The way to get the message out there in this day and age is via the internet because your reach of new and diverse customers and markets is much greater this way. When you get more traffic to your website then two things happen-

1. You get more chance of making that sale
2. You are more attractive to affiliates and advertisers because of your traffic numbers

One way to generate traffic to your website is to use a great company called are an ad service provider that can get genuine website traffic to you at a low price. SiteTrafficKing allows you to achieve the two things above. SiteTrafficKing also and allows you to move your startup business to the next level with more sales and more chance of generating an income from your website. SiteTrafficKing is unique as it allows webmaster to receive 100% real, unique IP visits that are guaranteed to land on their websites.

When you are looking at a service like SiteTrafficKing you want to know the answers to certain questions-

Will I get results quickly?
Is this affordable?
Is this effective?

Well with the answer to all three of these questions is a resounding YES!

There will be visitors and traffic on your website today if you order now so wait no longer. The traffic from SiteTrafficKing is available from as little as $5.50 per 1,000 GEO and Niche targeted and highly interested visitors - so the cost is not an issue. The traffic is found from a location that you specify.The traffic is already making searches related to your startup so the results will be highly effective.

In fact  is so sure that they will get you results that they offer a guarantee. Every visitor you purchase with SiteTrafficKing is actually guaranteed to end up on your website as they provide a 100% Visitor Delivery Guarantee.

When you have a startup business one of the key areas to concentrate on is generating exposure and new customers because that is where the next batch of sales will come from SiteTrafficKing will help you to win in this area.

Thursday 21 April 2016

weecordtv is a great place to get inspired by the best new musical talent

I’ve looked before in my blog about the inspirations that keep us all going as startup entrepreneurs. They often come from outside the world of business and I know from the contact I receive that there are many people that are hugely inspired by the world of entertainment and by the stories of other entrepreneurs. Today I combine both of these areas in my blog. I bring to you where there are music videos from independent artists for you to enjoy and be inspired by.

It isn’t always seen as a form of entrepreneurism but recording and promoting your own music has huge similarities with other areas of startup business. You need to be dedicated to your business, become a master marketer and get the exposure you need to sell your music to the wider world. is an outlet for talented musicians to join a streaming music video channel for independent musicians. It gives independent musicians a place where they can have the same exposure and opportunities as mainstream musicians. The app (coming soon!) are supported by a social media presence- the app is where you go to enjoy watching what you’re listening to.

The best thing about it is that they are always looking for fresh content from music video to interviews, vlogs, or live content. This means that it becomes a conduit for the best new musical talent to get seen and heard.  This means that the website is a network for musicians to see and be seen. The result is that the best talent is spotted and promoted.

I know that startup owners are great supporters of other startup businesses and I urge you to check out the website and app and find out about the top new musical talent. There is always something to be learnt from looking at other entrepreneurs and how they strive to succeed.

I think that this is a success story waiting to happen and an inspiration for startup entrepreneurs from start to finish. Firstly you can listen to the best new music and hear it before anyone else. Then you can see the parallels between the entrepreneur musician and your own startup business. Finally you can see the entrepreneurial spirit of the website as they look to promote the best new musical talent.

Tuesday 19 April 2016

Let Tweepi Help You Get More Twitter Followers

A startup business can be tough, especially in the early days of growing your brand. To get your startup to grow effectively you need brand exposure as soon as possible. In the past this could have been difficult to achieve. Currently the top social networks are a great way to reach out to potential customers and grow your business. But it has to be done the right way. You want quality followers fast. It gets exposure for your brand and products that sells.

One great way to get help in this area is to use Tweepi – the best Twitter marketing tool.

Tweepi is a suite of Twitter tools to help your business get more followers fast and easy, all while spending much less time and effort opposed to conventional ways of using Twitter. This grows your brand into something that generates more business. The more exposure you get on place like Twitter then the more you can divert customers to your website and get them to buy from you. Tweepi should be a part of your marketing toolkit.

The Twitter tools on tweepi multiply your power to get more Twitter followers by:

  •         Finding relevant users
  •          Engaging targeted followers
  •          Getting you noticed
  •          Growing your brand

The key to Twitter is to understand what you have to do in order to attract new free followers on Twitter and gain the vital exposure that will breathe life into your startup business. Tweepi is the right Twitter tool to get you in all the right places with your social media marketing.

Tweepi is a super helpful company that can really help you out because they are experts in this field. They use tried and tested techniques that are proven to help. They are here for the long haul and have featured in Social Media Today, Forbes, Yahoo, GIGAOM and Social Times.

As an entrepreneur you should be looking at all areas of your business to gain traction and exposure that you can then convert into customers and sales. The tools that you choose to get you there are of huge importance when it comes to the results. Use tweepi to make sure that you get this part of your startup business done correctly and you will see the benefits.

Get the best adult electric scooters from

I know from the correspondence I get that you guys, my readers, are really up on your technology. There are so many ways that tech is changing our startup businesses and our lives that I like to feature some cool ideas right here on my blog. Whether you are reading this to look for ideas for your business or for ideas for your free time adult electric kick scooters are fantastic kit. They are also known as last mile vehicles and they are great for covering short distances. If you have a short commute or just want to cover that last mile then the adult electric scooter is a great way of doing this.

And the place to find the very best in adult electric scooters is Personal Electric Transport

They have a superb range of options to help you travel that last mile of your journey or to get that commute done quickly and easily. Check out the website today.

They are perfect for adding to what you already have or do-
  •          Your caravan
  •          Your touring home
  •          Your boat
  •          Your mooring
  •          The urban commute
  •          Getting around your warehouse

It changes the way you do those little things by adding a certain style and a little speed. When you are out and about on your adult electric scooter people can see that you are at the cutting edge of technology. The designs look modern, even futuristic so anyone you meet will know that you are a connoisseur of all things tech and you are at the forefront of tech fashion. This in itself can help you with your startup business, especially if you are a tech business. By investing in other leading edge tech products you show people that you really know your stuff. This can have a knock-on effect on sales for your own company because your clients and customers will quickly understand that you know your stuff and you support other tech brands. This is the ultimate lifestyle statement.

Personal Electric Transport is a company that look for the latest designs in this field and bring them to you. Their mission is to find you cool personal transport solutions that are innovative and help to protect the environment.

I can see an urban future where electric adult scooters become the preferred method for the short urban commute because of their green credentials and the time they can save. Get a piece of the future today!

Do you have an event to publicize in Nigeria? Look no further than

My readers are truly a global bunch and there are opportunities arising all over the world. I today look at how to promote your event in Nigeria, Africa by using a great advertising company that is here to help.

When you have an event to publicize in Nigeria then you need to get your message to as many people as possible. Sometimes it can be hard to get your message out to the right people. Whether you have tickets to sell, participants to attract or you just want to generate awareness, the internet can be a great tool to do this. But only if you know how to leverage the power of the Internet to get that message targeted to as many of the relevant people as possible.

When you need help with online advertising for your concert, rally, crusade or carnival in Nigeria then look no further than

They can get your event seen by all the right people in all the right places. Awareness is crucial to staging a successful event and there is no better current exposure than marketing online. make sure that tour message is delivered in an engaging and compelling way. This gets you the best results every time. They know the business of marketing to the massive audience that you can reach in Nigeria or across the entire African continent. This gives your campaign to promote your event a huge boost. Find out more at 

There is so much more to gaining exposure for your event than hiring an advertising company.
What you need for your upcoming concert is the right online advertising.
The way to get the best response for your carnival is to advertise on the right websites.
Only using relevant content will attract people to your latest rally.

The way to get the most from this is to visit  and see why you should choose the best. The best events are attended by a full crowd that pays to be there and then talks about your event after on social media. This makes the following event bigger and better and the trend continues. If you want the best events that make you the most money then talk to for the help you need to make your event the best it can be. They use all kinds of tools to get you the best coverage you can buy.

Tuesday 12 April 2016

"Hey You" by Chris Davidson is a great listen - and actually increase your inspiration!

I feature products and services of all kinds on my blog. I love to get in touch with entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes and one thing that constantly comes up during discussions is the subject of inspiration. Not many people have an inner drive that constantly feeds itself and doesn’t need a little inspiration every now and again. It seems that so many entrepreneurs share a love of success, a love of achievement and a love of music. Music has been the background to so many new ideas and innovation that have gone on to become successful businesses.

If you are one for searching out new artists and seeking out new music then you must listen to “Hey You” by Chris Davidson.  It's a wonderful new album that mixes perfectly a combination of indie and alternative rock. This is a great new album from a rising star in the UK music scene and will see Chris Davidson go from strength to strength.

Chris’s own influences are of David Bowie, Tom Watts, Radiohead, the Beatles and Flaming Lips and the album echoes a life of listening to music and breathing in the influence that it brings. He has been signed by Jim Breach, who was Freddy Mercury's manager so his talent has been spotted by the best. I recommend that you listen to “What If It Is Me?” and “Hey You” first of all as these are the stand-out tracks from an album packed full of great tunes.

 “I was always frustrated by other musicians being unreliable and not getting me the sound I wanted, and so I finally gave up on bands and stopped music for a number of years. I started learning home recording and it took about two years to get the hang of the software properly and it has grown from there.”

The songs are really well developed and you can feel the time put into the lyrics and production that just complement the beautiful guitar playing perfectly. This album is a modern day classic and you will want to play it over and over again. It stays with you for hours afterwards. The songs just stick in your head and lift you up whatever you are doing that day. 

The album is available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play and YouTube so you can get your fix from many places to keep your inspiration going!

Sunday 10 April 2016

Bookmark Designs by Tamara K sells pewter bookmarks of real beauty on

As a startup entrepreneur you will gain inspiration from many places. Today I want to take a look at what you do when you have something of real beauty to sell. I know from a lot of my correspondence that many of my readers sell beautiful items. I will feature a great product today that looks beautiful, provides a function and is an entrepreneur that you can learn from.

When you are selling something of high quality and that looks wonderful you need to make two main considerations, they are the price that you ask and the way that you present your products. You need to ask for a price that reflects the quality of workmanship that is involved. Never undervalue your hard work and brilliant design. Your presentation must reflect the beauty of the objects you are selling, and everywhere that you present your product needs to enhance the feel of quality that surrounds it. As a startup owner that is selling something of beauty this is where you need to get everything just right.
Bookmark Designs by Tamara K is someone that has got this just right-

The thought when designing these bookmarks is so that you can personalize the chain on the bookmark by adding other pewter charms and Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Charms that are available on Tamara’s website,  The Mom Pewter Bookmark comes with a Heart Pewter Charm that’s says Mom with a rose, there are many links still available to customize and make this bookmark Special for your Mom.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner Tamara is offering a Pre-Order Special with over 40% off on the bookmark and the many charms she has available to make your Mom’s bookmark uniquely special .

Please visit to select which charms your Mom will love.
A startup business needs finance in the early days so the owner of has added a Crowd Funding button to the website. This is a good idea for your own website as you can get your existing customers to think about investing. There’s nothing like a loyal customer!

A startup business has to find different ways to get up and running and then to survive. Think about how your own startup business works and how you look for investment. There are many ideas about where to look if you need investment to keep your dreams alive.

I think that this pewter bookmark is a beautiful idea for a gift for someone you love or for yourself. Check out the website at and get yours today. This is a wonderful idea  full of charm and splendour for all.

Tuesday 5 April 2016

Learn Spanish the easy way with Shayarina and open up new markets

There are so many facets to any startup business that can help you to get ahead of the game and become more established in the business world. There are always opportunities out there and the successful entrepreneur will seek these out and make his or her startup business ready to make the most of the chances that are out there. Someone once told me that their definition of competitive advantage was “to do something that our rivals either can’t or won’t do.” I must say that I agree with this.

If you found a new market then how would you enter it? What if the market was in a different country? What if the market spoke a different language?

Well the successful entrepreneur would do whatever they could to learn that market, learn that country and learn that language.

That is where a great company like Shayarina can come in and give you the competitive advantage. Shayarina is an online Spanish school that will get the enthusiastic learner up and running with their Spanish in no time at all because the lesson are delivered one on one via Skype. The teachers are university professors that will be able to help you with your development of Spanish to enhance your understanding for-

  •          Your business
  •          Your vacations
  •          Your understanding of other cultures
  •          And much more!

Learning Spanish via Skype means that you will learn in the most natural and inspiring way possible.  It is effective because you can interact with the Spanish teacher at the other end of the line so you get the chance to ask questions, check understanding and repeat where necessary.

It is an efficient and cost-effective way to learn another language because the lessons are great value and the teachers are well trained. The idea is that you become effective in Spanish in a very short period of time. They are so confident that you will love the way that they teach that they offer the first lesson for free!

When you look to expand your startup business you will want to consider all options that make you money. If the next big market for what you have to sell is in a Spanish-speaking country (and there are so many of them) then you do not want to be held back by your lack of understanding and language skills. Let Shayarina help you to develop in this area.

Monday 4 April 2016

TrakCar is a great way to find where you parked, and great for startups to see how to app

I like to look at the ways in which you can get your startup in great shape. By considering the ways in which other entrepreneurs have started their success, you can learn how to kick-start your own startup business. Technology is one great way in which you can enhance the exposure and usefulness of your startup. But technology for the sake of technology does nothing to help your business. Whether it is your website, your mobile site or your app it needs to give your customers something useful. The best apps are diverging they stand on their own.

Take the TrakCar app. It is something that is well made, particularly useful and can help you in your everyday life. The fact is that the app serves a purpose. If you add an app to what you offer in your startup business then you need to look at examples like this to inspire you. It is easy to understand so you can pick it up and use it straight away. It gives the customer a reason to install and use it. This transforms it from another app to a must-have app that people will download and use.
It's features include-

  •         It is the only app that automatically detects your parking events
  •         It knows exactly where your car is
  •          No longer do you have to worry about where you left your car
  •          It is the perfect app for every driver

These are great features that make this app the most useful around for tracking where you left your car.

As a startup entrepreneur you will have your own time at an absolute premium. You do not have the time to be searching about for where you parked your car. Every minute counts. To make sure that you have a tight grip on your time and you know that you can easily find your car when you return I recommend that you download this app.

As a startup entrepreneur I recommend that you take your time to look at this app. It gives you a template to think about your own business and the technology you offer potential customers. Your technology must enhance your startup. It must bring something new to your customers. TrakCar does just this. It is a simple idea that has been well executed. Ensure that every part of your business follows the same mantra as this to keep you at the top of your game.

Downlaod at-

Sunday 3 April 2016

Make sure that the links you create through the internet are positive - use Citirex

The links that you create across the Internet can easily define your startup. The fact is that everything you produce online goes up to making the history of your startup company. If you publish things on your website then these will be seen by potential millions and will develop a part of your online reputation. In this day and age reputation means a great deal to business. It is an asset that needs to be protected in the same way as you protect the physical parts of your startup business.
Digital marketing aid as much a part of this reputation, also known as your digital footprint, as anything else. You need to ensure that you are using the best-
Use Citirex
They are a digital marketing agency based in Los Angeles. They understand how to grow your business by using the best digital marketing programs available. They use-
·        Direct response campaigns
·        Social media marketing
·        Email marketing
·        Affiliate programs
All of these are designed to get your startup on the right track when it comes to spending your digital marketing budget wisely.
Citirex use their superior data analysis to deliver your advertising to the right audience. This means that your advertising is more cost-effective and gets a better response. You need your spend to stretch as far as it can when you have just set up your own business. The idea is that you spend your budget in the right places to engage the right audience. Citirex will help you to do this in the most effective manner. Everything that you spend should be accounted for with a startup – effective marketing is a part of this.
Hey research, they create the adverts and they advertise. This gives you the freedom to carry on running your business safe in the knowledge that you will getting more customers driven to your website for future business.
Citirex are experts in providing internet advertising services for national brands. They specialize in affiliate marketing. This means that you can grow your business in an effective way without having to stop servicing your existing clients in the process. In any area of startup business where you can rely on expert help to get you ahead while saving you precious time then you must jump at the chance to improve. This is an opportunity to use experts in their field to develop your startup into an expert in your field.

Saturday 2 April 2016

IntroMaker can help your startup to gain a presence in the market

I write regularly about the need for your startup business to be seen. The exposure that you gain can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to your startup. When your potential customers first come into contact with your brand you want them to sit up and take notice. The brand that can do this is on to a winner. The brand that loses a potential customer at the first hurdle may never see that potential customer again.
So how do you create engaging content that sticks? How do you get one-time visitors to return? How do you get the market to remember your name? produce high-quality and engaging video intros that automatically feature your logo or image. This is a great way to engage your audience whilst embedding the image of your logo on their mind.
Use the intros for-
·         Your website
·         In conjunction with your YouTube videos
·         As web intros
·         On social media
·         As an email signature
The startup business that can engage their potential customers from the very outset can win big. The concept behind it is that the video intros can be there to explain things to your customers when you can't. It is available online at all times of the day or night. It is alive and working for your company when you are asleep.
You just can't beat a personalized introduction; the face to face conversation that used to be the hallmark of every great business. But the fact is nowadays that your next customer may be at the other end of the country or in the other side of the world. The best way to introduce yourself to customers in the Internet age is with a video intro. It gets the message across in a way that modern consumers want to interact with. It says to your potential market that you understand them and want to meet them on their own terms. This is a way of driving business.
Customers of include-
·         YouTubers
·         Bloggers
·         Small business
·         Startups
·         Entrepreneurs
In fact anyone that has a story to tell or a product to sell will be able to benefit from using their services.
I always advocate that my readers use the latest technology provided by the best companies to enhance their offering. The service that is offered by will make sure that your startup business gains traffic and customers. These are the two elements you need to drive in the early days of your business.