Wednesday 29 June 2016

It Works! is a great opportunity to get your startup passion off the ground

On my blog I love to be able to share great opportunities with you. I know from the feedback that I get that many of you want to work for yourself but just don’t know what form that will take. You have that burning desire to be your own boss but maybe don’t have the full vision of what you will do to replace that income. That is why I have brought you this great opportunity today.

Are you looking to earn extra cash, do love beauty products?  Then why don't you combine the two and become an independent sales distributor for the fabulous It Works!  They are a US company that offers amazing professional skincare, beauty and wellness products that you can distribute to your friends and family. They are actively looking for distributors to promote their beauty products in many parts of the World and are just getting started in the UK. If you have some spare time and would like to do something to fit around your family life and would like to earn some extra money and make new friends, then become part of their family and join the party! As it takes off you could become a full-time distributor and this could be the way you make a living.

Don’t just take my word for it. Go to now and take a look at all they can do for you and your customers. Here is a before and after image for their number one product - The Celebrity Wrap-

This is a great opportunity to become a distributor for It Works! Along with making new friends you can earn extra cash and try out all these great products, you will be able to see for yourself that they work and will be proof to your friends what great products It works are!  Give it a go!

It is a great opportunity to start a business that will help you earn money while still fitting around your lifestyle. I know that when you start out on a business venture you want to see how it all goes before you start making changes to your life. It Works! is just that opportunity. You can build up your clients through your social media and then as you get more customers you can see where it all takes you!

I love to highlight great business opportunities on my blog and It Works! is one of the best that I have seen. Get in touch with them today and see where it can all take you.

Check out more detail at

Thursday 23 June 2016

Deciding on an accountant after speaking to two

As I have started to pull things together for my startup business I said that I would keep you informed. On Monday I went about the business of finding an accountant. I had emailed some the week before and two came out from the crowd as people I'd like to speak to. I arranged to meet them both on Monday afternoon - and here's how it went.

Accountant 1

Although accountants have a reputation.l for being dull, this was not the case at all. I spoke to them and found that they were  vibrant, switched on and really interested in my business. As with the other accountant (more later) it was a no-obligation chat. It gave me the chance to ask questions, gain knowledge and build rapport. This was everything I had hoped for but probably not what I had expected.

I wanted to know the things that would directly affect me such as how I should set up my accounts, when I was due to pay tax and how much their service cost. I felt as thing they had my best interests at heart and I could work with them. We left it as we would stay in touch but nothing was needed until the end of the tax year in April 2017.

Accountant 2

This was a little bit of a contrast and it felt like I was dealing with a used car salesman or financial adviser. There was some interest in what I did at the start but it felt false. After that it was all about trying to get me signed up and trying to sell me extras such as accounting software and a business bank account. I know everyone has to make money but it didn't feel right.

Again I said that I would stay in touch but I did email to say that I would be using someone else.


With many people you deal with in business (or anywhere in life) it is the feeling you get that dictates your decisions. I don't think it is fair to name names on here. I am based near to Durham in England so if you are looking for an accountant in this area message me and I can give you a bit more detail if you'd like.

The next step is a business bank account. I'll let you know how I get on with this soon.

Thursday 16 June 2016

Mill For Business is a great place for a startup company to get all they need

When it comes to your startup business it can be difficult to deal with all the different people and companies you need to help you get started. You need-

  •          Company formation services
  •          Someone to deal with your domain name
  •          Web hosting services
  •          Someone to build your website
  •          SSL and security needs
  •          Online marketing assistance
  •          Setting up your company email

But Mill For Business has thought about all of this and you can now get all of these things in one place. When you want to work with a company that can do it all and yet still be an expert in it all then Mill For Business are the right people for you.

Whether you need UK company formation or Ireland company formation this is an essential part of your startup business and Mill make it so easy for you to do. In addition to this the blog contains great ideas and tips that will really help your business to become a success. In my blog I look for ways to help you make your startup a success in a way that is easy for you to do. Mill For Business is a great place to get all you need without the hassle of chasing different suppliers.

Tuesday 14 June 2016

Task Exchange is a great way to outsource startup tasks without the cost

In my startup blog I like to give you great ideas to help you with your startup business. There are so many things to do when you first start up that it can be quite daunting to think about what you have to achieve. You may be an expert in your own filed but as a startup you need to be an expert in all other fields as well-

  •          Marketing
  •          Finance
  •          Customer service
  •          Web design
  •          Copywriting
  •          Etc

But what if there was a way to get all of these services done by other professionals and save money at the same time. Well there is.

TaskExchange allows you to provide your services in return for other that you need to get your startup up and running.

For example if you are a web designer but you need help with the content writing for some of you marketing. You can provide your web design services in exchange for the content writing services you need. This is a great help to a startup business because you will most likely have a lot of time on your hands but very little money to use to buy the services you need. This is the beauty of Task Exchange because it allows you to get the things dome that will enhance your business in the early days without having to put your hand in your pocket. And with a low commission rate of only 5% Task Exchange will give you the opportunity to get your business moving in the right direction.

It is easy to sign up to and it is fee too. The website contains comprehensive Help section so all of your questions are answered. It couldn’t be easier to get your research done and get ready tom start using the website. It is a solution to the problem of outsourcing the essential parts of your business that you just can’t afford. With Task Exchange you will be able to get all of those pending tasks completed by using your own skills to exchange with others. It really is that simple.

I am all for people being able to set up their startup business in a smart and efficient way – that is why I set this blog up. When I find solutions to problems like the elegant solution Task Exchange ha delivered I know that startups all over will want to use their service. Go over to the website today and find out how it can help you.

Sunday 12 June 2016

Nosqito gives you a peaceful night's sleep and protection

It is one of the great privileges of my blog that I get the opportunity to bring you great innovative products that can really make a difference in your life. Today I bring you the Nosqito - Mosquito Net that gives you a peaceful bight’s sleep naturally. It stops mosquitoes from attacking you with extra fine mesh fabric to protect your skin from bites.

When it comes to protecting from mosquitoes you need a product that is quality. The Nosqito - Mosquito Net helps to protect you and your family against-

  •          Zika virus
  •          MalariaWest
  •          Nile virus
  •          Dengue Fever
  •          And many more

The Nosqito - Mosquito Net is the perfect size because you can use it with beds, hammocks or sleeping bags. It is a versatile and fantastic product that can help you in your daily life - or should that be nightly life!

The product is innovative and quality. This is the type of product that I love to feature on my blog. It is-

  •        Made with 100% Polyester
  •        Designed with an eco-friendly fabric
  •        It includes a hanging kit
  •        Suitable for use indoors and outdoors
  •        It is machine washable
  •        It is easy to install and only takes a few minutes

Tuesday 7 June 2016

Ghostwriting and self-publishing startup in earnest today

Today is the first day of my new life. That may sound a little dramatic but that is exactly what it is. I finished my employment in Sunday, the kids were off school yesterday so today marks the start of my solely self-employed life. I find it a refreshing change already! I am now a writer. As regular readers of this blog will know-

I started out looking to set up my own estate agency.

I have fallen into writing for myself and others.

The estate agency idea is firmly on the back-burner today, but will come through in some of the other things I do because I still write an estate agency blog, I have an estate agency/real estate gig on fiverr and I will be writing a guide on how to set up your own estate agency.

This blog will now take the form of something that informs readers about my progress, something that informs you about other startups and products that might be useful to you.

So with the start today I have planned out my next ten books so that I know what I will be able to produce over the next few weeks. The reason that I have done this is do that I don't have any downtime. My main source of income initially will be to write for others. This is so I can gain immediate income from producing things got other people. I am paid up front for this work and I don' t have to wait for sales. This puts me in a position where I can warm straight away. But I can't guarantee that I can fill every minute of every day with this. There will be times where I don't have anything to write for anyone else. In those times I will write got myself, add to my portfolio and give myself a chance of long-term income.

Today will also see three telephone calls-

  • The inland revenue to register as self-employed
  • The tax credit people with a change in my circumstances
  • A charity called Tax Assist to see if they can help me with my accounts

I'll let you know how all of these went on the next blog entry.

In the meantime check out my books that are already available-