Tuesday 12 April 2016

"Hey You" by Chris Davidson is a great listen - and actually increase your inspiration!

I feature products and services of all kinds on my blog. I love to get in touch with entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes and one thing that constantly comes up during discussions is the subject of inspiration. Not many people have an inner drive that constantly feeds itself and doesn’t need a little inspiration every now and again. It seems that so many entrepreneurs share a love of success, a love of achievement and a love of music. Music has been the background to so many new ideas and innovation that have gone on to become successful businesses.

If you are one for searching out new artists and seeking out new music then you must listen to “Hey You” by Chris Davidson.  It's a wonderful new album that mixes perfectly a combination of indie and alternative rock. This is a great new album from a rising star in the UK music scene and will see Chris Davidson go from strength to strength.

Chris’s own influences are of David Bowie, Tom Watts, Radiohead, the Beatles and Flaming Lips and the album echoes a life of listening to music and breathing in the influence that it brings. He has been signed by Jim Breach, who was Freddy Mercury's manager so his talent has been spotted by the best. I recommend that you listen to “What If It Is Me?” and “Hey You” first of all as these are the stand-out tracks from an album packed full of great tunes.

 “I was always frustrated by other musicians being unreliable and not getting me the sound I wanted, and so I finally gave up on bands and stopped music for a number of years. I started learning home recording and it took about two years to get the hang of the software properly and it has grown from there.”

The songs are really well developed and you can feel the time put into the lyrics and production that just complement the beautiful guitar playing perfectly. This album is a modern day classic and you will want to play it over and over again. It stays with you for hours afterwards. The songs just stick in your head and lift you up whatever you are doing that day. 

The album is available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play and YouTube so you can get your fix from many places to keep your inspiration going!


  1. Great share. I would like to share one entrepreneurial quote that I read in an article. "Entrepreneurship is not only about making profits" by Varun Manian .

  2. Thank you. That quote sums it up for me. I love what I do and that is more important than making an extra dollar.