Saturday, 27 January 2018

The future of 3D printing is available right now!

I feature some cutting-edge companies on my blog, but today is an innovator that can make an enormous difference to the life of people across the United States and wider world. Dagoma USA makes 3D printers. These products felt like machines out of science fiction only a few short years ago but are now available for home use.

Dagoma USA has a state of the art 3D printer known as the NEVA, which can sit comfortably at home and is simple to use for anyone, no matter your level of knowledge. They have been nominated for the most innovative industry in California, which is no mean feat. This means that you can print all your small household items and save big cash. Think about how you can save thousands of dollars a year by 3D printing –

·         Kitchen utensils

·         Home d├ęcor items

·         Helpful bathroom objects

·         Office items

There are so many uses for a 3D printer, that your imagination is the only boundary. It has been said that the average home can save more than $2,000 per year with a 3D printer. What are you waiting for?

The future’s bright!

Thinking about its place in the world, Dagoma USA is at the forefront of the 3D printing revolution that has been embraced by business and will soon be in homes across the nation. Dagoma USA has grown on the back of a successful Kickstarter campaign that has some amazing features –

·         It is an eco-friendly because you print right at home – no shipping to a 3D printing service!

·         It is so easy to use that they say a 3-year old can do it!

·         The NEVA self-calibrates so you don’t have to get involved with the settings

All of these features make the NEVA the number one choice of 3D printers.

Innovation often comes at a price. But when you can get one of the latest tech products and find that it actually saves you money then you know the future looks bright! Dagoma USA have put all of their expertise into practice to give you a 3D printer that is ideal for home use.

One of the most exciting things that Dagoma USA have done is use their 3D printers to build… Yes, you guessed it, 3D printers! The quality 3D printers in their headquarters on the Central Coast are perfect to make amazing 3D printers for home use.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

The days of waiting in line at the DMV are over!

Running a startup business is a matter of balancing the precious time you have with the list of tasks in front of you. This list grows every day, and the last thing you want is to lose valuable time with anything.

Waiting in line is just not an option. There are never enough hours in the day for this!

Imagine that you are making great progress with your business. And then you realize. The dreaded thought enters your head…

You need to get something sorted with the DMV. There goes the day, all thoughts of productivity and you have to miss out on other important things while you get this arranged. What a drag!

But there is no need to let this get you down. DMV ASAP takes care of it all for you. We deal with the DMV on your behalf., so all the stress and strain of a visit to your local DMV disappears in an instant.

This is the ultimate DMV registration service that allows you to get on with building your business. They help people with this painful task by getting your details and going to wait in line for you. It couldn’t be easier to deal with all the DMV throws at you!

Don’t let the DMV get you down!

DMV ASAP take all the hassle out of dealing with the DMV – and we all know that waiting in line there can take a serious dent out of your happiness as well as your time. This really is the best DMV registration service out there.

Whatever you need done with the DMV, we are there for you, including –

·         Registering your vehicle – from truck to auto, motorcycle to boat – we’ve got it covered

·         Replacing any lost or stolen items to keep you on the right side of the law

·         Getting your vehicle smog and VIN inspection done in no time at all

Don’t let all of this get you down. We need some simple details from you and then we will go ahead and make this happen for you. Anyone can need some assistance with the DMV. Speak to the experts we have experience in making sure people are registered and protected. Our professional team deal with this every day and will mail out your documents straight away.

Don’t think that you have to face this alone. DMV ASAP will save your precious time while you get on with your day. How easy is that?

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Drive your startup forward without the fatigue with help from Project Better

What drives an entrepreneur? Startup business is tough at the best of times. It is a constant story of learning and applying what you have learned. There are huge pressures on your time and this can start to feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

And that’s not good for business. Regular readers of the blog will know that I am all for getting the most out of your startup. It is an unfortunate fact that more than half of the new startups don’t make it to 3 years.

One of the reasons this happens is that we don’t have the energy to maintain our original impetus. Launching a startup feels like much more fun than maintaining one. The reduced level of energy and focus this brings can be a killer. So, why put yourself in this position?

Project Better understands this. They have put together a nootropic supplement that empowers you to get the most from your startup and work on your own terms. Life is tough. It is filled with stress and pressure. This increases when you start a new business. Don’t let it get the better of you. Look for the benefits that Project Better and their supplements can give you.

What difference can Project Better deliver?

There are a range of benefits from taking nootropics, as long as you select the right one. Project Better supplements are made in the UK, so you know they have reached the highest standards of production and safety.

Getting the best results means improving your concentration levels so you can drive the business forward. Here are some of the benefits from using project better nootropic -

·         Increased Focus so you can stay at the top of your game for longer

·         Elevated Mood which helps you tackle those tricky tasks

·         Better Memory – saving time and producing better results

·         Higher Energy levels that will help you work for longer

·         Reduced Fatigue that helps you when you get back home after a hard day at work

Don’t think that feeling tired and irritable is just another side effect of owning a startup business. It doesn’t have to be that way. The nootropics produced by Project Better are designed to take this away and leave a better you behind. Don’t delay – try Project Better today.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Understand numerology with Love Report and build better relationships

The world is built on relationships. Whether they be personal, professional or friendship, we are all governed by the relationships we have with others. And sometimes it can be a minefield to understand how these work.

But, there are larger factors at play in relationships. With numerology, people have a better understanding of themselves and their relationships. You can understand the deeper challenges of any relationship with a greater understanding of numerology.

This is where Love Report comes in. It gives you the knowledge of how to out your life in balance and get the most from every day.

Why is numerology important?

We are all looking for more. This might be as deep as considering why you exist, or something more basic such as being a better partner. Your soul is the part of your existence that will help you to live, laugh and enjoy as much of this life as is possible.

Numerology features deep in the psyche and can be used to –

·         Understand your role in the world

·         Get married at the right time

·         Build successful relationships with others

Don’t leave all of this to chance. Use Love Report to help you understand how it all fits together and get the most from your life.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

BrandDo help startup to choose the best name for their future business

What’s in a name? Well, in business, having the right name means a huge amount. Why else do you think Auction Web changed their name to eBay? Getting that perfect name for your business makes the world of difference. As a startup owner, you will need all the help you can get in developing cool business names ideas that will help you on the road to success. You need an effective company name ideas list to help you decide what will work for your startup.

This is where comes in. This is a directory of stunning creative company names for you to browse and select. The ultimate business names ideas list is here with BrandDo. If you are looking for brandable domain names and great ideas to get your business off the ground, then check it out today.

BrandDo make it easy for you

When looking for cool business names ideas you want a vast selection at your fingertips. Cool business names ideas are not always easy to come by. And there is so much else to consider when setting up your business. Making the right decision when branding can change your startup from an also-ran to a thoroughbred.

Find out how to get the most from BrandDo in this YouTube video –

Creative company names are hard to come by

We all want to show off our creative side. The brand name we choose for our startup business needs to –

·         Capture the imagination

·         Be memorable to our customers

·         Connect to your business

·         Work as hard for your startup as you do

And sometimes we need a little helping hand to make all of this happen. Don’t sit in a room on your own trying to come up with ideas. Research helps massively and BrandDo is the ideal place to get this done. With a huge array of potential names already sat there waiting for you, this is branding made easy.

Now you know how easy it is to research cool business names ideas for your startup, what are you waiting for? Get on over to BrandDo today and see where all of this can take you. Being a business feels more real if you have a name to attach to it.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Reading as a startup owner - the route to success

Reading might be something you associate with the planning phase of a startup business. If you want ideas and inspiration, then you might find these in business books. People read scores of books when they are researching their idea or planning how they will pull it all together. But once a startup gets off the ground, time is a scarce resource that you don't want to waste. So, reading falls by the wayside as you focus all your time and energy on two vital things -
  1. Making money
  2. Keeping your customers happy
All the planning is used trying to launch the business and can be discarded quite soon after. So, what is all this planning for?

Taking your business in a set direction

The alternative to planning, no matter how likely it is that the plan will be thrown to one side along the road, is to just wing it. There might be a chance of success using this route, but it isn't a high chance. Building a direction for your business is what will help you to make decisions and deal with setbacks. Knowing the route that you are on, and having faith that it will lead to success, is the formula that will support your ambition.

If you know where you want to be in the end, then there will be a series of smaller steps along the way that will get you there. They say that 'Rome wasn't built in a day,' and no business became a success overnight. Having a clear way forward helps you to get there in the end.

Reading as part of this

Your knowledge of the world around you (the world that your business operates in) needs to be updated, refreshed and challenged constantly. You make improvements by thinking differently about what you do. Reading is all a part of this. Every profession in the world has adapted significantly over the last 20 years with the introduction of technology. And it will do the same again over the next few years.

You need to stay in touch with what makes your customers tick, new ideas on marketing and the technical differences in your industry, among other things. Reading up on these is the ideal way to stay in control. A startup is ready for the day it launches. But the following day, a fraction of a percent has moved. One day or one week doesn't make a massive difference. But over the course of months and years, the business world changes - the real world changes - and you need to stay up to date. Reading should be an integral part of your startup strategy. 

Friday, 1 December 2017

Startups in Majorca - is it for you?

I recently visited the beautiful island of Majorca, and took a look at the Majorca startup scene while I was there. A small island in the Med feels like it can't be a startup hotbed, but there are some great reasons to set up in Majorca. If you want somewhere that is a great place to live, as well as offering access to certain industries, then Majorca is ideal for you.

Of course, the ideal Majorca startup would be one focused on providing services to the hotel, restaurant or bar industries. The island is heavily dependent on tourism, even if all the people of the island are not totally behind it. This means that the startup that can provide something different for the hospitality industry can find great success there. You can walk down the main streets of the major resorts and it is bar after bar, restaurant after restaurant and hotel after hotel. Having these as clients would be a huge success for a startup on the island.

Mallorca startups

There is a lot of support on the island for the startup business, as you would expect. One of the biggest draws at the moment is for investors. As business gets on its feet, there is the need for cash to support it. Even if you don't want to relocate, then the Mallorca startup scene is still within reach.

For many of the creative industries, especially those that conduct their business online, then the draw of the sun, sea and sand might be enough to think about moving there. If you live out of the resorts, then property prices are low. The transport systems are good enough that you can get around if needed. But not having to find local businesses to work with means you can work pretty much anywhere in the world. How about making it Mallorca?

Growing the startup scene

One of the main problems that any startup scene faces is looking for growth. It takes collaboration and development to get anywhere with a startup, unless you have incredibly deep pockets. So connecting with other like-minded people is essential.

Meetup has become a global startup hangout, with local people using the functionality of the site to connect with others. The Palma de Mallorca startup meetup has matured to contain hundreds of members, so would be the ideal place to visit if you are starting out on the island. Check it out today!

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Startup productivity and sport

I'm sat watching The Ashes as I write this. And it gets me thinking about the productivity levels of workers when major sports events are being played. When there are breaks between overs, I take a quick look at the Rugby League World Cup semi-final featuring England. I can feel myself writing more quickly when England are ahead in one or the other.

Startup owners need to think about their people when there are major sports events happening. Either they are during work hours, so employers need to think about access, or they are out of work hours, where you need to consider the morale of people. A depressing showing at a major tournament (think England and just about any football World Cup) and this slows down the enthusiasm and productivity of your team.

Putting it to one side

There are two ways of dealing with a situation like this. Firstly, you can pretend that it isn't happening. If the event doesn't have a direct impact on your business, then you can just let it pass you by. There is no reason to change what you do unless you cover that event.

This means that the team are expected to work as usual and deliver to customers as though there is no event going on. If it is hosted in a county with a similar time zone to the UK then you can probably use this approach most effectively. If the events are played out of work hours, then you can expect your team to watch and engage out of work hours. If the home nations are doing well, then it can provide a boost to business.

Work around it

At the other end of the spectrum is adapting your business to the event. You could give people time off, let them watch on their computer screen at work or make an event of it. If the sporting event happens during your normal work day, then the mind of your team may not be on their job. A big event such as a football World Cup might find that all of your customers are watching the match anyway.

Think about which of these approaches will suit you best. I personally don't think that ignoring it completely is the right way to go. Make a few concessions and you will find that your team responds in the right way. Being a positive and engaging startup owner means taking into account the feelings of your team and your customers.

This is something that you might need to think about as time goes on. The football World Cup starts in Russia next summer. Do you have plans?