Monday 25 July 2016

Store 215 Car Keys number in your phone for Philadelphia car key replacement

When you have lost your car keys or they just don’t seem to work anymore it can be a really frustrating time. It often happens at the worst time – as you are about to go to work, when you need to be somewhere or when you are out in your car.

If you live or work in the Philadelphia & local Pennsylvania suburbs then the solution is out there for you. Just call 215-CAR-KEYS and you will get all the help you need. 215 Car Keys are the specialists in the Philadelphia area so program that number into your phone- (215) 227-5397. You want to know that you have that stored in your phone should you ever need help.

They have experienced technicians and come right out tot you so that you have the peace of mind that your car keys will be replaced on the spot. They are American owned & operated and have been in business since 2004. Their experienced service technician will come to your car and program your key or remote right there for your convenience.

They can generate and program most car keys for you so you can go about your life. They can even generate a car key if you don't have any at all. Whatever the key type your car has then 215 Car Keys will be there to help you with your car keys in Philadelphia. They can help you with smart keys, proximity remotes, chip keys and more.

215 Car Keys provides honest, upfront pricing so you know what it will take to get your car keys replaced in Philadelphia. This is their promise and is something that sets them aside from the others.
They offer the highest quality door to door service so all you have to do is call and 215 Car Keys will come out to help you and get you back on the road again. There is nothing worse than being stuck next to your car and not being able to drive to where you need to be, either in the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter. When you need car key replacement in Philadelphia then look no further – 215 Car Keys has got your back.

Wednesday 6 July 2016

Song Society App is a great place to make wonderful music with others

Technology has made dreams of global collaboration a reality for many people. In my startup blog I love to feature new ideas that can really change the world for people. I also love to share ideas that want to bring people closer together. is a great idea that enables people to meet, greet and write songs all using one tool.

You can connect with others from all over the world to share your passion and your music. Song Society App allows musicians of any ability to create a song on one platform in one step. You can get together with others to contribute to the formation of a song and the app will accurately record each contribution. It is a great way to collaborate and know that each of you have the proper licensing and copyright protection.

I love to see ideas that enhance creativity and will bring people together to generate great music by way of sharing their collective talents. You can start out in your bedroom and put a song together with people from New York, Bora Bora and Japan to reach out to markets all over the world. The app has so many great features that will change the way music is made-
  •         It enables you, the user, to organize their music
  •         You can invite others to work with you
  •        It calculates contribution to the song from different parties
  •         It produces copyright forms so everyone knows where they stand

Collaboration across international borders has never been so easy and never been so structured. It allows you to find like-minded musicians to be creative with but protects your contribution from being misused.

The app is free to download and really easy to use. You can get started straight away and explore the thousands upon thousands of other professional or aspiring musicians and songwriters that are just waiting to work with you. You can collaborate in real time so there is no wait for emails to pass backwards and forwards. Collaborating over music is such a fun way to spend your time and Song Society App gives you the chance to work in a forum style song writing space where you can develop both your skills and your network of contacts.

I love the simplicity of the app so I suggest that if you are at all interested in music then this is the place for you.

Tuesday 5 July 2016

NollyviewTV is a quality entertainment streaming service

In my blog I love to feature innovative and exciting new businesses. They are a large part if what makes covering the startup market so interesting. If you want the best content from Nollywood then the only place to go is NollyviewTV. This is a new content streaming provider that gives you, the viewer an innovative experience. NollyviewTV is based in the UK and delivers the best in entertainment.
NollyviewTV give you access to the quality African movies that you want to view. It also helps up and coming film makers to show off their talent. If you are an African filmmaker that wants to open up new markets then NollyviewTV gives you that opportunity. You can feel the passion for African films and new talented filmmakers with everything they do. NollyviewTV are the experts in showcasing new talent to the world.

You can gain new fans, reconnect with your old followers and earn money from the pay per view offering that NollyviewTV offers. This is a fantastic opportunity for you as a filmmaker to take your trade to the next level. The one thing you want is a platform for your work, both new and old, and this is the place to be seen. NollyviewTV is the perfect way to get noticed.
You can get in touch with them to see how they can help you-

In addition NollyviewTV is looking for crowdfunding to take it to the next level. It features great content from African movies, the best and latest TV series from all over the world. NollyviewTV is the place to be for film-makers, advertisers and viewers alike. It has a global reach and is the next logical step for fans of Netflix Africa or IrokoTV. This is a great steaming service that will take your viewing experience to the next level.

Just imagine the fun you can have on your own or with your family and friends. The viewing choice is huge and you will undoubtedly find something that you will love to watch there. Nollywood is producing more great content all the time and NollyviewTV is the home of Nollywood. Go over to NollyviewTV and check out the quality they have to offer. You will find it has all you need when it comes to entertainment. I recommend that you give them a try because they have so much to choose from.

Friday 1 July 2016

DS9 Design wash away those negative online reviews of your startup business

When it comes to your new startup business there are certain things that make a real difference to how you are seen online. Whatever is posted online about your company creates a digital footprint that is extremely difficult to erase. Of course that is great when people have positive things to say about you. But at times you may get a bad review or someone posting something negative about your new startup or small business. It may be a rival company or someone with a grudge but it can make a big impact in the way you are seen and to your business.

But your online footprint doesn’t have to hold you back. DS9 Design can really help you here. They are the experts in mediating the things that might hold your company back when it comes to ding business and attracting customers online. They can help with resolving the issue caused by-

• Negative media articles and news
• Reviews on places like Yelp or Facebook
• Images or videos that don’t show your company in the best light
• Blog postings that have a negative tone
• Underhand tactics by your competitors

Your online reputation is something that you need to cultivate and protect. If something negative on the internet is starting to affect your startup business or small business then you need to act quickly to minimize the potential damage and move forward as quickly as you can. Every day that this is left unresolved is another day where your reputation is under attack and your business suffers.

DS9 Design offers a free consultation so you can see exactly how they will help you. This allows them to understand the issues that your business faces and allows you the chance to see what they can do to help. They use the power of positive internet marketing to wash away the issue that you and your business may face. They are so sure of their service that they give a money back guarantee of their service. This gives you the opportunity to take back control of your online reputation for the good of your business.

When it comes to starting a business in this day and age there are many things to consider. Te internet is a great place to start to develop your business and find new customers. But negativity on the internet can really harm what you are trying to achieve. Make sure that you know how to get your reputation back into the positive again. Contact

Swipe Business Messenger is a great app that can help you to get backyour work life balance

When you startup your own business there is a lot of information thrown at you. For the small business owner and entrepreneur you will make use of your smartphone and many of the features on it to stay in touch with your customers, suppliers and business contacts. But sometimes you want to be able to switch off from all of this and keep in touch with your friends and family.

I know from my experience I look at my smartphone and think “I’m not going onto that because it will be full of work-relate messages. I’m having some time off.” But your smartphone is also where you keep in touch with friends, check out social media updates and generally hang out.

There is a solution to the problem of separating your work life from your private life. That solution is Swipe Business Messenger. It is an instant messaging app for your phone that allows you to easily separate your business and social messaging. It means that your smartphone is a safe area to visit again after work hours! You want to be the best startup owner you can be and a part of that is taking some time away from the business to catch up with your personal life.

As a self-employed business or as a freelancer there is so much pressure on your time already. There is currently no way to separate your business from your social life on your smartphone – until now because Swipe Business Messenger has looked at this problem as developed a solution. Technostress is a real issue for the startup business owner and can cause you to lose that important balance between your work life and your home life. It is a hugely important distinction to make and when these two merge you find that business becomes tougher and much more stressful. Work life balance has become a major issue in employment over the last few years and Swipe Business Messenger are working to get that balance back into the right place.

I love to bring you ideas that will make a big change to you and your startup business and Swipe Business Messenger is a great innovation that can help you to have that crucial time away from your business to relax and unwind. Many startup businesses have failed because of the stress that constant connection with your client base and business does. This is starting the fight back!