Sunday 10 April 2016

Bookmark Designs by Tamara K sells pewter bookmarks of real beauty on

As a startup entrepreneur you will gain inspiration from many places. Today I want to take a look at what you do when you have something of real beauty to sell. I know from a lot of my correspondence that many of my readers sell beautiful items. I will feature a great product today that looks beautiful, provides a function and is an entrepreneur that you can learn from.

When you are selling something of high quality and that looks wonderful you need to make two main considerations, they are the price that you ask and the way that you present your products. You need to ask for a price that reflects the quality of workmanship that is involved. Never undervalue your hard work and brilliant design. Your presentation must reflect the beauty of the objects you are selling, and everywhere that you present your product needs to enhance the feel of quality that surrounds it. As a startup owner that is selling something of beauty this is where you need to get everything just right.
Bookmark Designs by Tamara K is someone that has got this just right-

The thought when designing these bookmarks is so that you can personalize the chain on the bookmark by adding other pewter charms and Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Charms that are available on Tamara’s website,  The Mom Pewter Bookmark comes with a Heart Pewter Charm that’s says Mom with a rose, there are many links still available to customize and make this bookmark Special for your Mom.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner Tamara is offering a Pre-Order Special with over 40% off on the bookmark and the many charms she has available to make your Mom’s bookmark uniquely special .

Please visit to select which charms your Mom will love.
A startup business needs finance in the early days so the owner of has added a Crowd Funding button to the website. This is a good idea for your own website as you can get your existing customers to think about investing. There’s nothing like a loyal customer!

A startup business has to find different ways to get up and running and then to survive. Think about how your own startup business works and how you look for investment. There are many ideas about where to look if you need investment to keep your dreams alive.

I think that this pewter bookmark is a beautiful idea for a gift for someone you love or for yourself. Check out the website at and get yours today. This is a wonderful idea  full of charm and splendour for all.

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