Thursday 21 April 2016

weecordtv is a great place to get inspired by the best new musical talent

I’ve looked before in my blog about the inspirations that keep us all going as startup entrepreneurs. They often come from outside the world of business and I know from the contact I receive that there are many people that are hugely inspired by the world of entertainment and by the stories of other entrepreneurs. Today I combine both of these areas in my blog. I bring to you where there are music videos from independent artists for you to enjoy and be inspired by.

It isn’t always seen as a form of entrepreneurism but recording and promoting your own music has huge similarities with other areas of startup business. You need to be dedicated to your business, become a master marketer and get the exposure you need to sell your music to the wider world. is an outlet for talented musicians to join a streaming music video channel for independent musicians. It gives independent musicians a place where they can have the same exposure and opportunities as mainstream musicians. The app (coming soon!) are supported by a social media presence- the app is where you go to enjoy watching what you’re listening to.

The best thing about it is that they are always looking for fresh content from music video to interviews, vlogs, or live content. This means that it becomes a conduit for the best new musical talent to get seen and heard.  This means that the website is a network for musicians to see and be seen. The result is that the best talent is spotted and promoted.

I know that startup owners are great supporters of other startup businesses and I urge you to check out the website and app and find out about the top new musical talent. There is always something to be learnt from looking at other entrepreneurs and how they strive to succeed.

I think that this is a success story waiting to happen and an inspiration for startup entrepreneurs from start to finish. Firstly you can listen to the best new music and hear it before anyone else. Then you can see the parallels between the entrepreneur musician and your own startup business. Finally you can see the entrepreneurial spirit of the website as they look to promote the best new musical talent.

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