Wednesday 25 May 2016

A change starts today in my startup life

A new chapter starts today as I go from employed and trying to set up my own business on the side to being full-time self-employed. I began this journey looking to develop an estate agency startup. The market for that is awash with uncertainty and I have developed my writing and the skills that go with it to the point where I am going to write full time.

My official leaving date from my job is 5th June but this is my short week (finish at half past twelve today) and I am on holiday next week so here I finish.

Over the next few weeks and months I will develop this blog further and keep you updated of all the developments that my life, writing and startup business go through.

I will still bring you information about how to develop your startup business alongside the progress I am making on mine.

Thank you for reading.

Sunday 22 May 2016

MounK is more than just your average underwear – get on their Kickstarter campaign

In my blog I like to look at startup business from all angles. One of the biggest issues for a startup entrepreneur is how they raise the finance they need to get their startup off the ground. You may need money for marketing, product development, premises or any other reason. In the last this would most probably have meant a visit to your bank manager. In the internet age there are many more options for the startup business.

Kickstarter is one of the very best crowdfunding platforms and today I shine a light on a great new startup that is looking for investment via Kickstarter.

MounK is more than just your average underwear.

Underwear is all about comfort. What sets MounK apart of the fact that they produce underwear from bamboo of the highest quality. The products look a million dollars both on you and on the store shelves. These are bound to generate great sales. If you get on the Kickstarter campaign now then you could see your investment take off as these brilliant items hit the shelves. This is the chance to get on board something that is going to grow and grow at the ground level.

Well you may be asking "why create underwear from bamboo?" Well there are sound reasons why-

  •           Softer that cotton or linen
  •          Great regulation of heat
  •          Naturally antibacterial
  •          Odor resistant
  •          Absorbent and breathable

These are great reasons to buy - whether that is to buy the underwear or to buy a share in the company. The MounK Kickstarter campaign gives you the chance to get in on the ground level and all those that back MounK will join their exclusive member’s only list. This guarantees early access to all new products and the best deals before anyone else gets to see them. And the more you pledge the better offers you get!

The attention to detail that has been put into these items of underwear is amazing and you know that every other level of the business will have received the same level of detail. This means that you will be able to see the underwear you have invested in hitting new heights.

I think that this is a great opportunity to make an investment and startups should look after each other. Kickstarter is an established website for investments and MounK looks like it is something that can bring you a great deal of pleasure and return on your capital.

Tuesday 17 May 2016

The Woodpecker and the Wooden Giant is a great story to read with your children

I look at a great variety of products on my blog. I bring to you things to inspire you and things to make you think. The items that I most enjoy talking to you about are those that have been created from the passion and imagination of others. The imagination and inventiveness of other people is really inspiring to me. When I come across something that is truly original then I am inspired to create my own things of beauty.

Today I can let you know about a great new book for children called "The Woodpecker and The Wooden Giant" by Adam Shane Harrison. It is a story about Adrian the woodpecker and his quest to find the inner courage to save the forest he lives in when the giant comes along. It deals with the theme of bullying. The book provides a fictional basis for parents to talk to their children about how to stand up for themselves and how to deal with bullying. It is a great story and also has a functional side.

The artwork in the book is amazing. It is beautifully illustrated and this adds to the quality of the book. The illustrations help to really being the characters and the world they inhabit to life. Great illustrations like these add a real depth and power to the book. There are certain topics that you should be exploring with your child or children and bullying is one of those. It will open up the lines of communication about this subject. If your child ever needs to talk to you about bullying then you will have already laid the groundwork.

"The Woodpecker and the Wooden Giant" is a modern day classic in the making. It will thrill, entertain and inform you and your child in equal measures. Adrian receives help and wisdom from the ancient sea turtle dragon, Agathos in the story. This helps your child to understand that they can speak to an authority figure and get the help they need. I love the way that the book gives out strong and uplifting life messages but feels like a story book from start to finish.

Buy it now at Amazon or buy it now at Barnes & Noble. This book is truly a classic in the making and you will love the story, the characters and the illustrations that it brings into your life.

Monday 16 May 2016

Supercool pop up beach tent make your summer more enjoyable!!

I feature some great products on my blog and with the summer fast approaching it is time to start to look at what you will do when you are on the beach this summer. Harmful UV rays are always a worry when you are out for the day, especially if you have children. Sun lotion is a step in the right direction but something more can always be done. A sun shade tent can give you a base for your day at the 

helps you here. It looks fantastic and provides protection for you and your family when it comes to the sun. It also has the following features that make this pop up tent perfect companion on your beach trip-

  •          It is lightweight so you can carry it easily
  •          It is rugged so it stands up to the elements
  •          You don’t need to assemble – it has an innovative pop up design
  •          It has special silver coated fabric to protect from UV rays

And this sun shelter isn’t just useful for a day at the beach. You can use it at the park, a sporting event or just in your back yard. The potential uses are endless and you will always be safe in the knowledge that it is protecting you and your family.

As well as being practical and functional, this amazing tent looks cool as well. You will be the most stylish family on the beach or wherever you take your tent. Just think of the reactions of others when you set this up in a matter of seconds.

You can find this amazing beach tent at so don’t delay and check it out today.

And what’s more, I can bring you a great promotion code for 15% off the tent today. Just enter the code tent15of to receive your discount at the checkout. There are only a limited number of discounts available so act fast to avoid disappointmentThis is an opportunity not to be missed.
As the summer approaches you need to get all of your kit together for happy days out.
Don’t just take my word for it. You can find it on YouTube and you can see how easy it is to pop up and take down again.

e-Joy Automatic Instant Pop Up Instant Portable Outdoors Cabana Beach Tent Shelter

If you are a retailer then get in touch because there are discounts available if you want to buy in bulk to sell to your customers. Just contact at

Wednesday 4 May 2016

CloudMaker Media can take your startup marketing to the next level and transform your business

In my startup blog I take a look at the things that really matter to you and your startup business. One area that you need to get right every time is your marketing. With a quality marketing campaign and presence you can be assured that you next set of customers is coming through the pipeline and will be with you soon. That is what great marketing does.

But it isn’t always easy to know what to do with your marketing, what is likely to work and where you will gain your greatest success from. But this is all about to change when you hook up with because they are experts in this field and they are here to help you.
The co-owners of the business are experienced in marketing and can really help you to take your business to the next level-

Bruce Hartley - Ad/PR Professor with 30+ years marketing experience
Lisa Laxton - BS in Mass Communication with 10+ years marketing experience

Their knowledge and experience means that they can help you to make the most from your marketing to get your startup business in the best shape it can possibly be. gives your business the head start that it needs and allows you to concentrate on the others things in your business safe in the knowledge that your marketing is bringing you in more customers all the time.
As if this wasn’t enough, there are three great reasons why I have brought to your attention today.

They offer free social media assessments so you can get the most from this great resource that is transforming business by the day.

They have great monthly packages to manage social media on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, along the online brand PR for small businesses. 
This gives you all the bases you need covered in one package to maximize your marketing and social media reach.

They are accepting new clients at special rates during May, June and July. 
This is the perfect time to get in touch with them and get your business marketing off the ground to take your business to the next level.

Contact at or follow them on Facebook  - CloudMaker Media.

Get in touch with them today and make the most of the offers that they can give you. All startup business needs a little help from time to time and with your marketing you can’t afford to get this wrong. Speak to the experts today.

Sunday 1 May 2016

Pro Sales Videos can help you add something great to your multimedia toolkit

Communication is the key for a startup business. You need to be able to communicate with investors and customers to make sure that your product or service is understood and that you gain investment or sales. How you carry out this communication will massively affect the results. The quality message needs a quality delivery or it will get lost and actually achieve nothing.

The whiteboard video is a great communication tool for any startup or small business because it immediately captures the attention of the viewer. If carried out correctly then the whiteboard video can convey your message quickly in a compelling way that will turn your website into a sales machine. Use the professionals. Use Pro Sales Videos.

The very best websites for the very best companies use high-end whiteboard videos because the quality is all part of the package that sells. This is more than a trend – it is something that adds quality, increases the image of your company and gets traffic and sales to your website. This is key to getting your startup business on the right tracks. You need traffic, credibility and sales in the early days of your business to protect it from the competition and get you on the road to success.

Pro Sales Videos will work hard to ensure that your whiteboard video looks great and promotes your business in the right way. Their packages start at only $325 and include-

  • Help with writing your script
  • Full design of the layout and storyboard
  • The use of professional background music
  • All the design and production work
  • The revisions you need
  • Professional voice over and making sure it is synced right
  • They will add your logo and/or your URL
  • The video is produced in HD quality
All of this means that your video will sing the quality of your brand and you can use it on social media, your website, YouTube or anywhere else that you might want your brand to be seen. This is the kind of content that can cost thousands of dollars with other providers but Pro Sales Videos do it with packages that start at only $325.

Startup business is a treacherous one. If you do not get your name out there quickly and effectively then you can get lost among the crowd. A quality whiteboard video from Pro Sales Videos will transform what you can show people and help you to succeed.