Sunday 26 November 2017

Startup productivity and sport

I'm sat watching The Ashes as I write this. And it gets me thinking about the productivity levels of workers when major sports events are being played. When there are breaks between overs, I take a quick look at the Rugby League World Cup semi-final featuring England. I can feel myself writing more quickly when England are ahead in one or the other.

Startup owners need to think about their people when there are major sports events happening. Either they are during work hours, so employers need to think about access, or they are out of work hours, where you need to consider the morale of people. A depressing showing at a major tournament (think England and just about any football World Cup) and this slows down the enthusiasm and productivity of your team.

Putting it to one side

There are two ways of dealing with a situation like this. Firstly, you can pretend that it isn't happening. If the event doesn't have a direct impact on your business, then you can just let it pass you by. There is no reason to change what you do unless you cover that event.

This means that the team are expected to work as usual and deliver to customers as though there is no event going on. If it is hosted in a county with a similar time zone to the UK then you can probably use this approach most effectively. If the events are played out of work hours, then you can expect your team to watch and engage out of work hours. If the home nations are doing well, then it can provide a boost to business.

Work around it

At the other end of the spectrum is adapting your business to the event. You could give people time off, let them watch on their computer screen at work or make an event of it. If the sporting event happens during your normal work day, then the mind of your team may not be on their job. A big event such as a football World Cup might find that all of your customers are watching the match anyway.

Think about which of these approaches will suit you best. I personally don't think that ignoring it completely is the right way to go. Make a few concessions and you will find that your team responds in the right way. Being a positive and engaging startup owner means taking into account the feelings of your team and your customers.

This is something that you might need to think about as time goes on. The football World Cup starts in Russia next summer. Do you have plans?

Boost your online marketing with 3Swings

I often write on my blog about how you market your business. Making connections with potential customers is crucial. That’s why you need support from an agency that will boost your profile.

3Swings, LLC is a great company that provide free advertising for business and services owners, in their website and Instagram profile. This is invaluable for any business. Exposing your company to the right markets will –

·         Connect to new people

·         Engage them in what you do

·         Deliver clicks to your website

·         Drive sales

The company was created in March 2017, in Miami - Florida. They are currently providing advertising to services in Miami but they're already expanding to other states and countries. And this gives you the chance to drive your online marketing with a professional team.

You can find their Instagram Profile here:

If you don’t have an online presence that seeks prospects and drives them back to your website to buy from you, then it is time to look at this. 3Swings is the perfect partner for you to achieve this. Get in touch with them now.

Wednesday 15 November 2017

Nottingham startup scene is in full swing

I've recently been to Nottingham and explored parts of the startup scene while I was there. As a city with great universities, centrally located in the UK, close to both the A1 and M1 motorways with an airport, there is a lot to be said about starting up a business in the city. There is the fact that city rent prices are always higher than the surrounding areas, and the slight hint of congestion in the city centre, but give me a vibrant city that doesn't have these. I don't think they exist.

Nottingham as a startup location is something that businesses in and around the area, as well as across the UK could well think about. It is a city that is primed for growth and is looking to increase its presence as the bid for European Capital of Culture takes shape. The more a city like Nottingham gets involved in these international projects, the more likely it is to attract startup businesses and provide a great environment for them to thrive and collaborate in.

The National Videogame Arcade

This is a recent venture in the city that attracts a lot of attention from anyone under the age of around fifty. The National Videogame Arcade is filled with arcade games, consoles and the latest technology. Although a not-for-profit, this still fits under the startup umbrella because it needs to attract visitors to stay afloat. A startup doesn't need to make money (or intend to make money) to face all the challenges the rest of us do.

The NVA is a great example of how the passions of people make the perfect vehicle for a startup. If you are doing something you really love then it is a pleasure to get up and go to work every day. the staff at the arcade are testament to this attitude. You can see they love what they are doing. The NVA has been around only since 2015, but I can see a bright future for it.

Impression Digital

Another business that has been a startup success in Nottingham is Impression Digital. They were attracted to the potential of the city rather than what was already in place. It is businesses like this that have made the Creative Quarter in Nottingham, a hub for tech. We know from Silicon Valley and others that tech businesses in the same place can inspire and drive each other forward.

The lesson for your business is one that might have been very different even a few years ago. Collaboration and openness of ideas is what modern business is all about. In the past we keot trade secrets and wanted to protect what we had. But now, the future is on where we can discuss our ideas and work together. I know which way I would rather operate.

Don't close the doors on other businesses in your area. Communication is important, so I suggest you go to networking events and talk to people. You will gain far more than you think you could lose.

Monday 6 November 2017

Swedish, safe and smart – the story of Vandra the PA in a backpack

In my blog I love to bring you some of the most innovate and exciting products from across the globe.

Sweden. The home of smart and functional design. But forget your Ikea, there is a new kid on the block. Vandra is here to make your life better!

Vandra is a backpack that acts like a personal assistant. It looks amazing and has a plethora of design features that will amaze, including –

·         Lost and found tracking

·         Theft-proof lock

·         Anti-fall protection

·         USB charging port

·         Balanced weight

This means that you look great, it is a pleasure to wear and you are protected too. Who would have thought that all of this was possible from a backpack? Don’t just take my word for it – check out the video –

How did Vandra come into existence?

Great question. It is the brainchild of Gustaf Casten Bergendal who saw the need for a backpack that was safe and secure, as well as providing all the functions we need in the modern age.

Kickstarter was the next step and this amazing design was overfunded hugely. The world can see the vast potential for a backpack that acts as a personal assistant and is much safer from theft than what we currently use. The rest is history, as they say.

Check out this stunning product on the website and get yours today!

Wednesday 1 November 2017

Every startup needs a marketing team – Gripped are the go-to tech agency

The startup business owner feels like they have to fulfil every role in their business. From web designer to accountant, an entrepreneur tries to turn their hand to every aspect of their business. And this is where too many fail. The time it takes to research the latest tax laws or how to build a subscription email system could be far better spent developing meaningful relationships with your customers.

And this is no more evident in the marketing of your startup business. Marketing is far too important to leave to chance. It brings in new prospects and develops them into paying customers. It reaches new markets and sees your business grow from strength to strength. Regular readers will know that I advocate spending money in the key areas of your business.

Getting Gripped to deal with your tech B2B marketing is the ideal way to get the most for your money.

With marketing you want to deal with someone who has experience. Someone who has seen it all and done it all before. That’s what Gripped have in abundance.

They have the knowledge and expertise to turn your homemade marketing into something that looks and feels just like the biggest and best companies in your sector – or any sector for that matter. The tech sector thrives on slick marketing – get Gripped to do that for your startup.

Win B2B clients with engaging marketing that is proven to work.

How do Gripped operate?

They become your marketing team and CMO. This means that you have a top team on your side to deliver results, such as –

·         Building a compelling and engaging proposition for your target market

·         Unblocking the sales funnels that are just not delivering results for you

·         Developing your web presence into something that attracts clicks and converts them effectively

·         Enabling sales by owning the same space as your customers

Gripped ensure that you get ahead of the competition. We all know how important that is with a startup business. Hitting the ground running is vital to stay on track for success. Spending strategically on a part of the business designed to deliver high quality clients to your door is the best way to go about this. Look at the services Gripped offer to see how it can help your new business.

They know so much about inbound marketing that they’ve written the book on it! Don’t delay with your marketing – contact Gripped today to see how they can deliver results for your startup.

Monday 23 October 2017

Supercharge the digital marketing for your startup business today

As a startup business, growth is the key element that will keep you going. There is a lot to fill your time when you first set out with a new small business, but being busy setting up doesn’t being in the cash. You need to get up and running as soon as possible.

And that’s where support comes in. I’ve spoken so many times on my blog about using specialist help in the key areas. One of these is with your marketing –

That’s where Ashley Ashbee Communications come in. She is a digital marketer for your small business that works by engaging your potential customers.

How does this work?

The big ad agencies don’t give you that personal touch. To them, you are another dollar sign. Where Ashley Ashbee Communications are different is that she gets to know you, builds a relationship and supports your growth.

She works one-on-one to supercharge your digital marketing and open the doors that will set your startup business out on the right foot. With years of experience in telling the story of businesses just like yours, don’t you think that you should be calling in the expert?

Thursday 19 October 2017

Get the scholarship you need to grow your business as far as you can

Starting up your own business can be tough. One of the obstacles many people come across along the way is raising the cash needed to get their dreams off the ground. This has been tapped into with venture capitalists and crowdfunding campaigns since the financial crash of 2008 left the banks with little appetite to lend.
That’s why the Phoenix Voyage Ignite Business Academy Scholarship giveaway is transforming the lives of people across the nation. These scholarships are worth a staggering $2,497 and can help you to –
·         Grow your business

·         Reach your prospects

·         Supercharge your conversion rates

·         Maximize your profits

This is the opportunity you have been waiting for.

How does this happen?

Like all the best scholarships, the Phoenix Voyage Ignite Business Academy Scholarship sets you on the right path by doing far more than just throwing money at a problem. It helps you to apply branding and content tools that will generate an audience on social media and more.

There are only 100 business scholarships available, so you will need to act as quickly as possible to avoid disappointment. Don’t be one of those people who knew they should have done something about growing their business but never got around to it.

Monday 16 October 2017

Trademark your brand and grow your startup business

One of the biggest issues for a startup business is protecting your ideas. Every startup is built on the solid foundation of an idea and the passion of an individual. We can all see a niche in the market or something that has never been tried before. As an entrepreneur, you look to develop what you offer every day so customers can see your product or service and flock to you. This is how success is made.
But without the proper protections in place, you are vulnerable to other businesses and unscrupulous operators. Something needs to be done. Don’t worry – there is help at hand.
The ultimate protection for the small business is an Intellectual Property or IP service offered by the professionals at Lum Law Group. They have a professional team in this area, headed by A. Justin Lum who is experienced in helping small businesses to set up and grow.

Growing your startup business

For a startup to thrive and grow, it needs to have the right foundations in place. Unfortunately, in the business world there are some people who want to steal the success of others rather than make money from their own ideas. This means that IP protection is an absolute must for the savvy startup business owner.
Your business is built on certain ideas that should be protected at all costs. Without the right protection, you can end up working hard for someone else to benefit. This would leave you wishing you had acted sooner to protect principles like –
·         The brand that you have built
·         The ideas that your business is formed on
·         The invention that you are selling

Lum Law Group know how it feels to be at the cutting edge of your business. That’s why they are here to help you look after your business from day one. Their flat rate startup packages allow you to protect all that is important about your business without breaking the bank.
Don’t be one of the stories that business leaders tell at conferences of the startup owner who had it all but failed to protect any of it. You have already worked too hard for that. Get in touch with Lum Law Group and take your business to the next level without the fear that it is vulnerable. You deserve the best protection to make your startup a success – get it today!

Monday 28 August 2017

PlanCentral is the perfect boost for a startup

One of the things that slows a startup business is the ability to collaborate effectively. The modern world demands collaboration, and this is one of the most effective ways to develop your startup business. But so many ‘solutions’ to this problem are weighted down in excess functionality and can be difficult to use. The technology takes over and the performance drops. Not ideal!

Enter PlanCentral which is a powerful online tool that enables –

·         Project management

·         Team collaboration

It combines all the essential elements of an effective collaboration platform, such as projects, chat function and sharing files. All of this is delivered fuss-free and gets teams working quickly together with effective communication. So, you no longer have to spend all your time managing the technology and wondering if progress is being made.

Get your startup geared for success

PlanCentral focuses 100% on accomplishing the goals of your startup – this is a vital component of any startup business. Time spent chasing others or worrying about the tech is wasted. PlanCentral removes this waste.

It is so easy to use, and this means that it can be adopted by all of your team instantly. Your users no longer get bogged down by a new an unintuitive system. PlanCentral is FREE to use and transforms the productivity of your business.

PlanCentral's mission is to empower teams of all sizes to accomplish great things, Together.

The best features

PlanCentral has some great features that will allow your startup business to flourish. Among them are –

The ability to manage Project Plans and Tasks. You can track progress and keep your finger on the pulse.

Chat and activity feed. You and your team can share ideas, bounce around discussions and add notes. The best part of this is that it is all tracked for maximum efficiency.

Store, share and retrieve files. All important documents are available at the touch of a button. All stakeholders can pick up the files needed, when they are needed.

Organize with the dashboard and calendar. Stay in total control of every aspect of the project with the dashboard. You can add reminders to the calendar and manage all of this on one screen.

Your startup business will realize its potential if you can manage all your resources effectively. PlanCentral puts this power at your fingertips.

Download PlanCentral today at or get the the PlanCentral App, available for iOS and Android devices.

Sunday 21 May 2017

Get the best passport photo software today

Having your passport photo taken is all a part of the trip in this modern day. And when you start to look into the requirements that the authorities have, you will be amazed at the level of detail that needs to be right. That is why so many people are turning to professional photographers to have their passport photo taken. It is a service that you just have to offer.

As a professional photographer, your clients depend on you getting their passport photo right. They may need their passport in a short space of time, so if you get it wrong they might miss out on a holiday. This is very bad news for customer service. But it doesn’t have to be like this…

Introducing Passport Photo Workshop – a wizard that helps you get the perfect passport photos time after time. It enables you to –

·         Follow simple steps to get the photos right first time

·         See templates that will guide you to success

·         Produce passport photos without any training

Simply the best passport photo software available

Passport Photo Workshop is an all-in-one passport photo software that powers the way you produce biometric passport photos or ID photos that meet the requirements set out by the authorities. Your customers will be delighted as their passport application sails through.

Check out Passport Photo Workshop today and see how adaptable it can be to add an extra income stream to your photography business.

Thursday 11 May 2017

My first novel is published and the second one to follow soon

I have seen a great response for my first novel, which was published last month. Sales are good and I hope them to increase so that the story can get out there. I am very proud of the work I have put together for this first book and it took up a fair chunk of my life. It is the eleventh book I have published, but the first fiction book. Before that I had written and published ten non-fiction books that are based on my areas of knowledge and experience such as buying and selling a home, obtaining a mortgage and writing. I have written these guides with others in mind and the idea behind them I to share my knowledge of writing in an easy-to-follow format.

Check out my Amazon Author page.

Writing fiction has taken over a large part of my spare time at the moment. With the success of the first book, I have started on the second and am around a third of the way through now. It is very different to the first novel, which was based on the internal monologue of one character a great deal. The second book is a detective fiction book that looks into the way that a killer leaves clues for the police. The killer is in control and the police are waiting for clues to lead them one way or another in the investigation. It means that they don't get to make massive strides with the investigation until the killer lets them.

Here is the opening scene -

He stood over her looking down at his prey. She looked for all the world like a normal person. But he knew differently. She was chosen to be here at this time, in this place. He knew what he had to do next. She would be the first. She would set an example to others. This was the start of his work.

She looked up at the man above her. He was stood in front of a bright light. He wasn't familiar to her in any way. She wondered who he was. She couldn't see his face. He spoke not much louder than a whisper so she couldn't make out his voice either. She wanted to know who he was. But that wasn't the biggest or the most pressing thing on her mind. She wanted to know what he has planned for her. She didn't have to wait long.

He moved with clinical speed. Just before she saw his hands move quickly towards her, she heard him say something. Again, she couldn't make it out. A few seconds later she was lying in a small pool of her own blood. He dropped something before walking away. He was glad that he lived alone so he could get cleaned up without interruption or detection. He smiled to himself as he strode towards home. The dark of the night shielded him from any prying eyes that might have been present on the short journey.

There is a twist with the identity of the killer which I won't reveal here, but it means that the detective team, lead by Augustine Boyle, take some wrong turns along the way. The way that the killer and the police interact means that there is a lot of dialogue and a lot of tension. I am really proud of it already, and I am only around a third of the way through writing it. Please keep tuned to see how it progresses. I will put small excerpts on this blog so you can see parts of the book before it is written.

Wednesday 26 April 2017

My new book David's Goliath is available now

Those of you that have been with me from the start will know that this blog was set up as I went about starting my own business. In the very beginning that was going to be an estate agency, but the way that the UK housing market was going and the rise of the online-only estate agent put paid to that.

It was while setting up as an estate agent that I started writing commercially. I wrote blogs and books to provide an income that would be there in the first few weeks and months of an estate agency, while I was getting on my feet. As the idea for an estate agency dropped, it was soon replaced by the idea that I could write for myself and others. Contented Writing was born. I now write website copy, blogs and ghostwrite books for others among many other assignments. I also write for myself.

Until now all of my books have been Kindle only and were non-fiction on subjects that I knew a lot about - managing back pain, writing and inevitably the housing market. But my latest book is my first novel and also the first in print. It is called -

David's Goliath: If you found a book that told the story of your life, would you read on?

This is the story of a man who goes on holiday to get away from it all for a short time. He spends some time in Spain on his own and while there, he picks up a book that was seemingly left behind by someone and starts to read. Pretty soon he and the book are inseparable and it turns out that the story he is reading is in fact the story of his life.

David reads through and recalls the significant moments of his life but all the while he has the thought in his mind that he will reach the part of the book that tells him of the future. Will he read on?

This book is the culmination of over a year of work and I have thoroughly enjoyed trying to fit this in with all the work I do for others and family life. The book has a lot of me in it, as the main character is based on my life and experiences. Not all of these things have happened to me, but many of them I have seen first hand though friends, family and work colleagues.

I'd love to hear from people who have read the book. Please let me know what you think. The only way to write something bigger and better next time is to hear what people think of this one. I have begun the next novel, which is a crime thriller about a serial killer with a twist. I'll keep you updated on how this is going.

Friday 17 March 2017

Making tea has never been easier – or more stylish!

Tea is the liquid that oils the wheels of business the world over. Forget the recent lean towards coffee started in the United States. Tea has always been the number one drink for the startup professional.

Teasenz have seen this potential. The thing is, they know tea inside out. They source authentic teas from the different regions of China, the home of tea. They then ship these beautiful teas to people who supply tea and consumers that love to drink it. They offer a great variety of teas, including –

·         Black tea

·         Green tea

·         Oolong

·         Pu-erh tea

·         Herbal teas

·         Flower teas

But once you have the perfect tea delivered to your doorstep, you have something to consider –

What is the best way to make the perfect cup of tea?

Well, thankfully, Teasenz have thought if that as well. They have developed a new Tea Maker that will give you brilliant results time after time. When you want the best tea you need the best ingredients and the right tools. Teasenz provide both.

So why is the Teasenz Tea Maker so good?

It works because they understand tea. It has the following benefits –

·         It is an infuser that makes brewing tea easy

·         It is designed to fit most teapots and mugs

·         It is finished with soft silicone to protect you from burns (and it looks great too!)

·         Its super-fine stainless steel strainer stops even the smallest leaves from seeping through

·         The design is a stunning portrayal of tea leaves that look fantastic

Check out the You Tube video for more on this fantastic product. You can get yours from –

Tuesday 14 March 2017

Recommend A Supplier is the perfect place for any startup business

Startup business looks very different to what it used to. Now you can access expertise online with a few clicks of a button. If you offer a support service for startups then you need to be able to reach them quickly and efficiently.

To get the best web design quotes you need access to a competitive marketplace. Just Googling ‘best web design prices in MyTown’ won’t give you access to the best quality providers.

That is where Recommend A Supplier comes in as an essential tool for startup business. Here’s how it works –

If you are a supplier

It can be a competitive market. You might have a great service but people may not necessarily find you, especially in the cutthroat world of web design, SEO and graphic design. Marketing can be an expensive way to look for new customers.

Startup business needs your help. They are looking for someone to design a new website, work on their SEO or do their graphic design. The benefits that Recommend A Supplier brings is that you get to –

·         sign up for free

·         get your first 3 proposals absolutely free

·         engage with potential customers

·         bid on jobs that you know are going somewhere

As a supplier, it is essential that you get exposure to potential customers. If you are looking for customers that want to find out the most competitive graphic design prices then Recommend A Supplier is the ideal place for you to start.

You can get your name out there, find and win new business quickly and without the massive overheads of a mass marketing campaign. Use Recommend A Supplier to get ahead.

If you are looking to grow your business then go to Recommend A Supplier today!

If you need help with your startup business

You might want help with your SEO, your website or your graphic design but just don’t know where to look. You want someone you can trust. That is why Recommend A Supplier is perfect for you. The professionals on the site are all based in the UK and ready to take your work.

You save valuable time and money because –

·         All you need to do is post your project

·         You get multiple companies chasing your business

·         All the quotes come through to your email address

·         You choose the one that suits you best

It works perfectly for you and your needs. Recommend A supplier is the startup’s best friend. You need to be able to compare companies in one easy space. The power of being able to compare SEO companies puts the power back in your hands.

If you need help with your startup business then get over to Recommend A Supplier now!

Wednesday 1 March 2017

Get the latest blockbuster game – Dragon Ninja Rush is available to download now

The very best games come with a huge slice of fun. They have you coming back for more every day. When you download a great game on your smartphone then you just know that you will have hours of fun with it.

Some of the best games that are out there today are action games that keep you at the center of the story. One of the best new games on the market today is Dragon Ninja Rush which is available on the iOS store or on the Android store.

You can become the leader of the Dragon Ninja Clan as their king or queen with this great new game which will go straight into the hall of fame for addicting games. Like any good game it is easy to pick up and difficult to master. Dragon Ninja Rush starts with you as a beginner and you can quickly learn the arts to become a Ninja Champion. It won’t be an easy route to success but with a little time and effort you will become a warrior in no time at all!

A current gem and a future classic

This is one of the breed of new free games that are taking gamers to new levels. You can become a master of one of the most exciting fighting games to hit the smartphone gaming market in 2017. But it isn’t just for this year – Dragon Ninja Rush is set to be a classic for years to come. Its beauty is in the realism of the game. You feel immersed in the world that the developers have produced so you feel as though you are right in the action at all times.

You can even check out the demo on You Tube 

This has all the elements of a great game as you –

  •          Collect gems
  •          Scramble against others for glory
  •          Train your avatar to be the Dragon Ninja
  •          Move up through the levels to success

The controls are easy to understand and give you the ultimate in control over your character.

Take on yourself, take on the world

Dragon Ninja Rush gives you the ability to test yourself. At first you may want to challenge yourself and beat your high score. But after a little while you will want to go bigger than that. The game will show you the global ranking you have and enable you to play against others worldwide. It is the ultimate in adventure games and will give you hours of fun. It never grows old!

If you are a fan of sonic games then Dragon Ninja Rush will be ideal for you. It harnesses all the excitement of the best games and then takes it up another notch or two. You get a game that will have you thinking about the next time you play it. You will plan your strategy at work, think about how to get better when commuting and then put all of this into practice when you have a few precious moments to yourself.

What are you waiting for?

Download this free game now and you will see what all the excitement is about. It gives you the best experience in racing games that will let you –

  •          Build your own character
  •          Build the area around you
  •          Run and race through stunning backdrops
  •          Share updates with your social media contacts
  •          And more

If you are looking for the next level of fun and excitement then Dragon Ninja Rush is perfect for you. I urge you to check it out on the Android store or on the iOS store today.

Friday 10 February 2017

MyPostcard is the way to send a little part of you

Postcards have been around for a long time. They are a great way to let someone else know that you are thinking about them. But how about a totally customized postcard? One that you can send to anyone worldwide and send instantly?

Well for that you will need MyPostcard.

You can use the app or the MyPostcard website to add your select the product you want and own photos or images. They will then send it for you to any destination in the world.

You get to decide your image and your text on an easy-to-use platform and then it is ready to go. Sending a real physical postcard means that the people you know and love get something unique.

It isn’t only postcards that you can design and send with MyPostcard. There are a huge number of different products that you can delight your friends and family with, such as-

  •          Greetings cards
  •          Pre-loaded templates and designs
  •          Postcard sets
  •          Photo prints
  •          Gift cards

Whatever the occasion, MyPostcard is the ideal place to go when you want to keep in touch with people. Texts might be great for a quick message but when you really want someone to know that you care AND have something to keep then get over to MyPostcard and send them something truly special.

Download it on the iOS App Store here

Download it on the Android app store here

Wednesday 1 February 2017

Startups are based on cash flow – get yours now with AutoPilot Cash

My regular readers will know that I advocate that you look for cash streams to help you with your startup business. There are too many startup businesses that fail in the first year and this happens for ONE REASON. They don’t have enough cold hard cash flowing into the business.

But what if I could shop you a way to make UNLIMITED CASH

I’m sure that you’d be interested.

EMAIL SWIPE FOR THE WEBSITE IS the perfect way to make cash quickly and over the long term. It gives you the opportunity to use your existing network to earn big money. You can –




This means that you will have that flow of cash that gives you the chance to concentrate on your startup business without having to worry where the next paycheck is going to come from.


It is like having your own ATM without the bill at the end of the month. Join today and you get to start earning straight away. Check it out today and start to unlock the earning potential that will help you follow your startup dreams.

Tuesday 17 January 2017

To get your app as good as it can be, call Qapitol QA

Any startup business needs to be in total control of the Quality of experience they offer to their customers. It is a vital part for a successful app journey and then taking it to the next level. The QA challenges that a new company faces can make the difference between success and failure.

Qapitol QA is the leading choice for any startup business in any part of the word that wants to get to grips with their QA requirements and deliver better quality every time. With a highly performing product, your customers will have great user experience that will eventually help you to drive sales.

There are many reasons to choose Qapitol QA for your QA needs, including-
  •     They resolve issues in a creative and effective manner
  •     They work quickly to deliver the results that you need
  •    They take testing to a new level and improve all the time
So save the cost and hassle of having your own testing team. Qapitol can take all of that strain on your behalf and use their expertise to give you a better app that your customers will love. This will change the way that you do business and make a positive contribution to your success.