Tuesday 29 March 2016

Youcollide.com can help you to collaborate and improved subscribers

At '245 days…' I look at the different ways that you can get your startup in success mode as quickly as possible. There are different ways of getting your name out there in front of your customers. The more quality exposure that you get, the more likely it is that the exposure will drive web traffic and sales.

Startup business needs clicks on the website and orders through the door in the very early days. Engaging content that gets the audience to stay in your website is a must. One great way of retaining website traffic is through online videos.

One method of getting video viewers from other websites to yours is via collaboration. This means working with others to achieve your goals. A great way to collaborate is to share the videos you make with other entrepreneurs that have equally passionate followings. This increases subscriber counts, drives the exposure you can get and will lead to more sales.

This is where Youcollide.com comes in. They boost your clicks with a simple 3 step method-

  • Sign-up
  • Create
  • Grow

It sounds really easy doesn't it? The way to success is to have a multi-channel offering. If you produce quality and engaging YouTube videos then you can benefit in two ways-

Driving relevant traffic to your website

Earning money from the videos themselves


The answers lie with the help you can get from youcollide.com in generating quality relationships with other video creators. In business it is great to work with like-minded people. With video marketing this can mean cross-referral and a link from one creator to another. This generates quality traffic for you.

Youcollide.com allows you to find relevant providers that are near to you and get a collaboration going that will benefit both parties. From her you can grow your audience and this means the audience grows and grows over time. The more quality collaborations you have then the bigger that audience gets. This means that you and your collaborators will gain a greater number of views over time and the benefits this will bring for your income streams. Entrepreneurs can bounce off the passion and drive of other entrepreneurs. Don’t go through his alone - let youcollide.com help you to find collaborators, grow your audience and gain more income. The successful startup needs as many relevant income streams as they can find to get a foothold in their market.

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