Sunday 6 March 2016



You’re likely to experience a flood of emotions when you have a child. You’ll be excited, nervous, and joyful all at the same time. Above all, you’ll be worried about being a good parent. Raising a child is not an easy job.There are a countless number of responsibilities involved in the safe and healthy upbringing of your child.

No matter how devoted a parent you are and no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to give all of your time and energy to care, exclusively, for your child. The question then becomes whether there is a way for parents to monitor their baby nonstop?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could keep track of your baby’s health and wellness at all times—no matter where you may be? What if we were to tell you there is a device that allows you to do just that? There is.

Introducing innovation in technology for child care: Neebo.

Neebo is the next generation baby healthcare system that combines technology with innovation to give you the perfect monitoring device for your child. The device comes with a band that is worn by your baby.The band has been designed to be fool proof,ensuring that your baby is safe and secure at all times. Neebo monitors and collects data about your baby’s sounds, heart rate, thermal comfort, and blood oxygen level. This data enables you to keep track of your baby and its health from anywhere, at anytime.

The key features of the Neebo Baby Healthcare device include:

·         Heart Rate Monitor:Monitors the baby’s heart rate.
·         Oxygen Saturation Monitor:Keeps track of respiration and blood saturation.
·         Thermal Comfort Monitor:The device keeps track of body temperature to prevent over-chilling or over-heating.
·         Sound Monitor: Monitor baby’s sound in real time. The built-in noise suppression algorithm filters out all background noises to ensure that parents hear only important sounds.
·         Voice Chat:Allows parents to communicate with their child from anywhere, at any time.
·         Audio Content: Neebo comes with a collection of lullabies, fables, fairytales, and soothing sounds that can be played remotely using the Neebo application. What’s more is that this collection automatically updates itself as your baby grows older.

Neebo also comes with its very own application (available on iOS, Android, and Windows). This application reports any suspicious activities directly to your phone.

The Neebo app has three modes:

1.      Monitoring Section: Monitor and display statistics for your baby’s heart rate, blood oxygen level,and thermal comfort level. It also includes “Smart sound monitor” and “Talkback to baby” features.
2.      Sleeping Mode:Enables hear rate and sound real time monitoring together with an alert system, which notifies parents in case of any suspicious activity.
3.      Parenting Section:This section includes a library of audio content, which can be played on the Neebo device.

It might be unbelievable, but it is true that automated baby health care is finally here! Neebo is an innovative electronic device that couples with a feature-rich application to enable real-time baby healthcare surveillance and monitoring. If you’re a parent who’s concerned about your baby’s health, we recommend you order the Neebo Healthcare Device to help alleviate your worries!

Try the smart baby monitor today!

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