Friday 11 March 2016

Get the winning smile without going to the dentist with Brighter Image Lab's innovative Press On Veneers!

At ‘245 days…’ I want to bring you the best in advice, news and things of interest in the startup world. Sometimes I talk to you about single issue topics, such as your business plan but on other occasions there are topics that can mean more than one thing for the startup business owner.

Today I look at a great business that you can learn from for your own startup and you can also use their product to enhance your presentation.

I’m taking a look at Brighter Image Lab™. They offer a service that you can learn from and benefit from. It is an online analysis of your teeth and then within 7 days they produce Press On Veneers™ by Brighter Image Lab to improve your smile, and your presentation. You can improve your smile without paying the high prices of a cosmetic dentist – in fact without even visiting a dentist!

As a startup entrepreneur you can learn from this business because they found a gap in the market. Dentistry is expensive, can be painful and a lot of people dislike a visit to the dentist. Brighter Image Lab™ has taken away this pain and produces an improved, redesigned smile online. When you think about your own business, you must look at how you can fill a niche in the market.  Brighter Image Lab™ have enhanced what they offer by clever marketing and the engagement of customers on social media. You need to consider how you can become successful through clever marketing. Take a look at their video-

POV - Sign In - Kristen US from Bil on Vimeo.

And how they engage their potential customers on social media platforms-

When it comes to your own smile, you need to think about how this impacts on customers and potential investors. We are living in an age where your image can make the difference between success and failure. Make sure failure is not an option. If you have a winning smile then you will be more likely to win. Get Press On Veneers™ by Brighter Image Lab and see the benefits-

·   Brighter Image Lab custom makes each veneer to fit every client

·   Brighter Image veneers are quickly gaining popularity

·   Brighter Image veneers are often the first choice people find that’s actually affordable.

·   Brighter Image Lab is a great alternative to the dentist.

·   Dentists who do offer similar veneers, usually charge 2-3 times more than Brighter Image and they require multiple office visits.

Get in touch with them today and you can see the potential in smile take you a long way with your dstartup business.

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