Sunday 20 March 2016 can give you a great service at a low price!

At '245 days…' I bring you all the ideas that can transform your startup business. One area that I repeatedly write about us that of making sure your communication is as good as it can be. The ability to communicate with people makes the difference with what you do. If you have a great company founded on a great idea then the next step is to be able to converse with the world in different ways to oil the wheels of business.
There are many ways they the average startup can keep in touch with customers and suppliers. With the advent of social media and the proliferation of email the lines of communication are always open. You need to be able to communicate clearly with your suppliers, your customers and other businesses to be at the top of your game.
One form of communication that has endured even through the world around it has changed is the fax. But now the fax has entered the Internet age.
You can fax from your smartphone, your tablet or your computer. This is a service that all of the big companies use. The fax is alive and well and it is one of the ways how business communicates with each other. You want to be able to get in touch and stay in touch with suppliers and other companies that you work alongside. This facility really helps you. You can send up to 500 pages for only $4.99 per month if you pay annually in advance.
When you need a document to contain a signature in a way that email can't reproduce then a fax is the ideal way to get that signed document over to the recipient quickly and securely. Online faxes help you with this.
One of the great advantages of using a fax is that you always get a confirmation of receipt. This is something that you can't always guarantee with email but the fax service sends you a confirmation that the other party has received your communication. This can be vital to business when you need to know that it has arrived. Online faxes can help you with this.

There are times when you need to use a fax but you may not have (or even want to have) a fax machine. Online faxes can be a great help to your business. Never be without the ability to fax again because there are uses that just can’t be replicated by email, and the post is far too slow.

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