Tuesday 8 March 2016

Catch the public mood and you can win for your startup - just like 'Trump Jump - The Quest For Votes'

At ‘245 days...’ I love to spend my time looking at the startup and entrepreneurial work that people come up with. There are so many great ideas out there and the fact that we live in a day and age where these ideas can be quickly transformed into products or services means that we are living in a great time for budding entrepreneurs. Via social networking or freelancing sites you can very quickly find the expertise to bring your idea to life.

As an entrepreneur, one of the things that I think really transforms the way that you are able to capture the market is by capturing the mood or capturing the moment. I know that there’s a whole lot of capturing involved there, so let me explain. When there is a movement, a news story or an event that dominates the media (especially if it happens for an extended period of time) then you can make great use of that for your startup.

One great example is the iOS game ‘Trump Jump- The Quest for Votes’ where on entrepreneur has come up with a great idea to take the global spotlight on the US Presidential race and use some of the spotlight to shine onto the game, available as an app. The fact is that the race will be at the forefront of the news for months to come and the main “character” in the race has become Donald Trump. He is a figure of equal support and derision and is never short of a sound-bite. Try out the free game and you will be able to play your own small part in the media circus that surrounds Donald Trump and the race for Republican US nomination and the subsequent battle for the White House.

It is a great game and one that can be enjoyed time and time again.

As for your own startup business you can learn some lessons here. If you can adapt quickly to world events then there is the opportunity to make some money by providing products or services that match needs or reflect the public mood. If you sell a series of products then limited editions or specials will go down really well with your market because people like to be up with the trends and to have something that marks a specific moment in time.

Startups have the advantage over large corporations that they are able to move quickly and react to the market. Make sure that you can do these things to continue your success – just like the game ‘Trump Jump- The Quest for Votes.’

Check it out at Trump Jump - The Quest for Votes by Banter Badgers, LLC

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