Wednesday 1 November 2017

Every startup needs a marketing team – Gripped are the go-to tech agency

The startup business owner feels like they have to fulfil every role in their business. From web designer to accountant, an entrepreneur tries to turn their hand to every aspect of their business. And this is where too many fail. The time it takes to research the latest tax laws or how to build a subscription email system could be far better spent developing meaningful relationships with your customers.

And this is no more evident in the marketing of your startup business. Marketing is far too important to leave to chance. It brings in new prospects and develops them into paying customers. It reaches new markets and sees your business grow from strength to strength. Regular readers will know that I advocate spending money in the key areas of your business.

Getting Gripped to deal with your tech B2B marketing is the ideal way to get the most for your money.

With marketing you want to deal with someone who has experience. Someone who has seen it all and done it all before. That’s what Gripped have in abundance.

They have the knowledge and expertise to turn your homemade marketing into something that looks and feels just like the biggest and best companies in your sector – or any sector for that matter. The tech sector thrives on slick marketing – get Gripped to do that for your startup.

Win B2B clients with engaging marketing that is proven to work.

How do Gripped operate?

They become your marketing team and CMO. This means that you have a top team on your side to deliver results, such as –

·         Building a compelling and engaging proposition for your target market

·         Unblocking the sales funnels that are just not delivering results for you

·         Developing your web presence into something that attracts clicks and converts them effectively

·         Enabling sales by owning the same space as your customers

Gripped ensure that you get ahead of the competition. We all know how important that is with a startup business. Hitting the ground running is vital to stay on track for success. Spending strategically on a part of the business designed to deliver high quality clients to your door is the best way to go about this. Look at the services Gripped offer to see how it can help your new business.

They know so much about inbound marketing that they’ve written the book on it! Don’t delay with your marketing – contact Gripped today to see how they can deliver results for your startup.

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