Wednesday 1 March 2017

Get the latest blockbuster game – Dragon Ninja Rush is available to download now

The very best games come with a huge slice of fun. They have you coming back for more every day. When you download a great game on your smartphone then you just know that you will have hours of fun with it.

Some of the best games that are out there today are action games that keep you at the center of the story. One of the best new games on the market today is Dragon Ninja Rush which is available on the iOS store or on the Android store.

You can become the leader of the Dragon Ninja Clan as their king or queen with this great new game which will go straight into the hall of fame for addicting games. Like any good game it is easy to pick up and difficult to master. Dragon Ninja Rush starts with you as a beginner and you can quickly learn the arts to become a Ninja Champion. It won’t be an easy route to success but with a little time and effort you will become a warrior in no time at all!

A current gem and a future classic

This is one of the breed of new free games that are taking gamers to new levels. You can become a master of one of the most exciting fighting games to hit the smartphone gaming market in 2017. But it isn’t just for this year – Dragon Ninja Rush is set to be a classic for years to come. Its beauty is in the realism of the game. You feel immersed in the world that the developers have produced so you feel as though you are right in the action at all times.

You can even check out the demo on You Tube 

This has all the elements of a great game as you –

  •          Collect gems
  •          Scramble against others for glory
  •          Train your avatar to be the Dragon Ninja
  •          Move up through the levels to success

The controls are easy to understand and give you the ultimate in control over your character.

Take on yourself, take on the world

Dragon Ninja Rush gives you the ability to test yourself. At first you may want to challenge yourself and beat your high score. But after a little while you will want to go bigger than that. The game will show you the global ranking you have and enable you to play against others worldwide. It is the ultimate in adventure games and will give you hours of fun. It never grows old!

If you are a fan of sonic games then Dragon Ninja Rush will be ideal for you. It harnesses all the excitement of the best games and then takes it up another notch or two. You get a game that will have you thinking about the next time you play it. You will plan your strategy at work, think about how to get better when commuting and then put all of this into practice when you have a few precious moments to yourself.

What are you waiting for?

Download this free game now and you will see what all the excitement is about. It gives you the best experience in racing games that will let you –

  •          Build your own character
  •          Build the area around you
  •          Run and race through stunning backdrops
  •          Share updates with your social media contacts
  •          And more

If you are looking for the next level of fun and excitement then Dragon Ninja Rush is perfect for you. I urge you to check it out on the Android store or on the iOS store today.

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