Wednesday 15 November 2017

Nottingham startup scene is in full swing

I've recently been to Nottingham and explored parts of the startup scene while I was there. As a city with great universities, centrally located in the UK, close to both the A1 and M1 motorways with an airport, there is a lot to be said about starting up a business in the city. There is the fact that city rent prices are always higher than the surrounding areas, and the slight hint of congestion in the city centre, but give me a vibrant city that doesn't have these. I don't think they exist.

Nottingham as a startup location is something that businesses in and around the area, as well as across the UK could well think about. It is a city that is primed for growth and is looking to increase its presence as the bid for European Capital of Culture takes shape. The more a city like Nottingham gets involved in these international projects, the more likely it is to attract startup businesses and provide a great environment for them to thrive and collaborate in.

The National Videogame Arcade

This is a recent venture in the city that attracts a lot of attention from anyone under the age of around fifty. The National Videogame Arcade is filled with arcade games, consoles and the latest technology. Although a not-for-profit, this still fits under the startup umbrella because it needs to attract visitors to stay afloat. A startup doesn't need to make money (or intend to make money) to face all the challenges the rest of us do.

The NVA is a great example of how the passions of people make the perfect vehicle for a startup. If you are doing something you really love then it is a pleasure to get up and go to work every day. the staff at the arcade are testament to this attitude. You can see they love what they are doing. The NVA has been around only since 2015, but I can see a bright future for it.

Impression Digital

Another business that has been a startup success in Nottingham is Impression Digital. They were attracted to the potential of the city rather than what was already in place. It is businesses like this that have made the Creative Quarter in Nottingham, a hub for tech. We know from Silicon Valley and others that tech businesses in the same place can inspire and drive each other forward.

The lesson for your business is one that might have been very different even a few years ago. Collaboration and openness of ideas is what modern business is all about. In the past we keot trade secrets and wanted to protect what we had. But now, the future is on where we can discuss our ideas and work together. I know which way I would rather operate.

Don't close the doors on other businesses in your area. Communication is important, so I suggest you go to networking events and talk to people. You will gain far more than you think you could lose.

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