Wednesday 22 October 2014

Poetry to be creative?


I'm starting to think creatively and I feel I need to get as much creative process as possible going as I can. I've never been an actor or a painter, but I used to write a lot of poetry in my teens and early 20's.

I've started bits again, mainly inspired by events and situations I've found myself in.

Here are 3 recents poems-

The methadone metronome
Teeth like melting snow
Framed by black
Eyes that betray the presence of the body
Are you aware that you're here?
If not, where do you think you are?
Clothes that haven't seen a washing machine in months
Skin likewise with soap
There's an army of these, each it's own sleeper cell
Unaware of the tens of thousands in a similar trance, with similar hunger
What can feed the need?
Anything that can be sold on for money
Money that will sit in the pocket for only minutes
This army of zombies attack the retail trade and soak up resources
They soak up resources from the Police as well
Their offspring are paperwork, CCTV images, statements
These replace the offspring that were taken into care
Where next?
Who is understaffed?
What can we sell?
Who's on to us?
We are all on to you,
But we grow tired too

Sick of abbreviation (abbr.)
Thick Scottish accents leave me dumbstruck
Car indicators that are never used
Far from what was learnt on driving lessons
Noise for the sake of noise annoys
Toys used to be toys, not apps with in-app purchases
Health and Safety has become it's own industry
Wealth earned from advising people to use common sense
A beard is now a fashion accessory
A weird change from it being seen as someone who hadn't shaved
Miracle creams from every provider under the sun
Satirical TV stations have sprung up from repeating others leftovers
Dave, GOLD, Watch, Pick, Challenge, all in HD
Save me from these flashbacks of my childhood, teens, twenties

Notes from a talk
It's been changed to a bigger room because "it's such a hit."
But there's only 5 minutes to go, and there are only 4 others here
A pair of windswept silvers in row 2, look like they'll get a flask of tea out soon
The other 2, at the front are actually part of the staff, they're leaving now,
Awash with self-important utterings in  RP pronunciation
I've actually walked in with the crew, might get mic-ed up if I don't keep moving
Here come the crowd, and it's clear that I'm dragging down the average age
I expected besuited estate agents, university professors and civil servants
I've got retired civil servants and university professors - the estate agents are out of suits at home,
Or still in suits at work, they're not here
I'm looking for information, debate, society and
Well, I'm looking for a way in, a different way of working
An epiphany that awakens my senses to a money train
My sense of energy, my sense of self, my sense of commercialness
All asleep for a while
But not now

Just a bit of fun, hope you like them!

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