Tuesday 28 October 2014

Options for my home office


I've started my home garage, changing it from this-

and now, today I've got to this point-

Whilst spending my day painting the walls and floor with a weatherproof sealant, I have been thinking about what the next steps will be in converting this space into an office that will allow me to work in quiet and comfort, whatever the weather conditions outside.  First consideration has been to waterproof the walls and floor, as the UK winter (and often the other seasons) can have a big impact on the security and safety of this potential workspace.  It has flooded more than once, through the walls from the outside garden flower beds, so I have accentuated the beds and put in more plants to soak up any excess water.  Next step is to make the office a place where I can work and be inspired to market properties as well as I can.


Leave it as it is
           Least cost and time/effort
           Has the effect of a New York loft
           Will be more expensive to heat, as there is no insulation
Another coat of white paint
           Low cost and effort again
           A blank canvas to add pictures and effects to inspire
           Doesn’t solve the heat and insulation problem
Lining the walls with an insulating material
           Will help to keep long-term heating costs down
           Cheapest option that involves further action
           Major concerns over building regulations
           Brings fire safety issues in to play
           Time and money to source the right materials at the right cost
Line the walls and then plaster/board over and decorate
           Will look like a conventional office
           Will be more insulated and save on heating costs
           Expense starts to grow
           Sourcing materials is even more costly and time consuming than above
Pay a builder to convert officially
           Will add value to my home
           Will be official and legitimate
           High cost solution to what may be a temporary problem
           Will accentuate my desire to permanently work from home, rather than eventually build up the business to an office base.

I am genuinely undecided about the best way forward, as I want this to be a low-cost solution to a problem, for the time period that I am working from home, and I also want it to be weather-proof, comfortable, safe and inspiring.

Decision time will be my next full day off work, 2 weeks from now.

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