Monday 29 February 2016

You can learn from other great startup businesses like Sudzy

At '245 days…' I think it is really important for entrepreneurs and startup business owners to learn from each other. There are so many great businesses out there that I think taking a look at how others operate gives you lessons that can be applied to your own business.

Today I take a look at a business that you can learn from and if you have a need for this then you can also earn from it as well.

It is a great company called Sudzy and they have spotted a real niche in the market when it comes to dry cleaning. They operate an on-demand service for dry-cleaners and laundromats. At the moment, the on-demand sector of dry-cleaning is booming. Corporations are popping up, promising customers a great deal, collecting the garments and then outsourcing the cleaning to a factory before re-delivering the garments.

Where Sudzy has stepped in is to create a service for local laundromats. The laundromat can mix their own personal service to customers with the device that Sudzy provides to compete with the on-demand services currently being offered by competitors.

One lesson for budding entrepreneurs is that you sometimes have to think outside of the box. Sudzy could have followed the crowd and become another on-demand laundry corporation. Instead they have seen a niche in the market and provided a service for it. As a small business owner you don't just have to concentrate on marketing to customers - there is a thriving business to business (B2B) market out there.

There is a great opportunity here if you own your own laundry services, particularly if you operate a cleaners. You can get together with Sudzy and fight the onset of on-demand services in your area. By using your established customer base and the great customer service that sets you ahead of the competition you can provide a service in partnership with Sudzy. Customers just click a button and have their clothing picked up in less than 40 minutes.

The platform is really easy to join so you can be up and running in no time at all.  I saw the quote related to Sudzy that they are the "Grubhub of laundry" and I think that this sums up what a great business model they have here.

All startups need a great idea and need to execute that idea well to be in with a chance of being successful. Sudzy has found their niche, and also has positioned itself to execute its strategy and look in great shape for the future. How do you scrub up?

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