Sunday 7 February 2016

Look at how you can keep your developers happy (and keep them in your business)

At “245 days...” I am always on the lookout for things that can make the startup process easier or help to develop those that are in the early days of their business. Sometimes this is through chance as I trawl through the internet; sometimes it is while looking for something that I need for my business. Today I will take a look at development in an area that needs professional assistance.

Technology is at the core of just about every business today. The iPad has transformed the customer experience in so many businesses that it is considered essential nowadays. The fast-changing nature of technology means that you have to become an expert in the aspects of it that mean a lot to your business. The internet is a great tool for many things but just clicking through Google on this topic brings you millions of hits and millions of different opinions. It isn’t time to read away, it is time to find an expert who knows this side of business and is ready help. Your developer team needs to be kept on top of all the latest in their field but sometimes it can be difficult to provide all the training that they need.

Step forward Develop Intelligence. This is a virtual academy for your developers to ensure that they keep absolutely on top of the changes in technology to keep your team right up to date with everything they need to know to keep your company at the top of its game. It is only be ensuring your team are trained and developed that they will feel valued, motivated and less likely to leave. Retention and recruitment are two very different things in business with very different cost bases. Retention involves talking to your team, keeping up morale levels and making sure that they feel valued. It is like maintaining a car instead of ignoring it and buying a new one when it breaks down completely.
Recruitment is costly and time consuming. Recruitment for the right reasons (expansion, new customers and new markets) is a wonderful thing. Develop Intelligence can help your new recruits to bed in, quickly pick up the skills they need to match the rest of your team. Recruitment for the wrong reasons (losing team members to a competitor, people walking out) is a terrible thing. It saps the morale of other team members and creates unrest. Deal with all of this by getting Develop Intelligence to work with your team to provide them the very best in training to keep your talent with you – not leaving to work with someone else.

I’m not starting a technical business but I couldn’t just pass by Develop Intelligence without letting you all know what they can offer. It is a tool that keeps you on top of your game by having your developers trained. They become much more useful to you in the ever-changing business world of today. They are much more likely to stay with you as they feel valued and inverted-in.

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