Sunday 7 February 2016

Bookkeeping and accountancy is a specialist area that needs professional attention

As 245 days starts to move towards an opening date, I am putting together plans to research the service providers I will use when I get started. There are many aspects of the business that I will want professional help in so today I take a look at one area that I have been meaning to sort out for a while.
There are so many facets of the startup life that you probably shouldn’t attempt on your own. I know that startup entrepreneurs are intelligent people (at very least my readers are) and there is a tendency to control costs, but there are some specialist areas that need specialist attention.

Areas such as the legal side of things and bookkeeping just need that professional touch to make sure that everything is above board and working properly. And so many services for the small business have gone online, which means that the cost can drop but the service level isn’t always there.

In my search for service providers in my startup I have been trawling through the internet for a bookkeeping solution that I feel I can trust. I have found one for UK small business in the form of who offer a smart bookkeeping solution.

The core of the great service they offer is the fact that you just scan and send your receipts, and then they do the rest by-

  •         Working out your books
  •          Producing your payroll
  •          Sorting out the auto-enrolment
  •          PAYE
  •          VAT returns
  •          Providing development support

It isn’t a faceless business that you can’t get hold of, there are full contact details on their website including telephone numbers, something which is sadly missing from so many internet-only service providers. They also provide training on the set up process, which means that you don’t end up struggling to work out what you should be doing. It is little touches like this that show a real class and customer care from in everything that they do. So many companies offer a lower-cost internet service and then disappear behind the price – I call it the Ryanair syndrome. It is lazy and when the service is that bad, it loses customers left, right and centre. Not these guys.

They believe that accountancy can be so much more than “doing the books” like the traditional accountant you may still find on your High Street. It is about embracing the traditional value of customer service whilst bringing every other aspect of the service into the internet age. The result is a website that lets the customer know that they are the number one priority.

On this theme, there is a great offer available right now if you follow this link today. Get in touch with them and find out how the bookkeeping and accountancy service has reached new heights. There are so many ways in which you can make your startup business streamlined, easier and more cost-effective. This is definitely one of them. It frees up your time and allows you to concentrate on what you are good at.


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