Monday 29 February 2016

A handcrafted website will really set you apart from the crowd

At ‘245 days...’ I want to bring you the best solutions for your new startup business. It can be difficult to prioritise which things to get done when you are starting out but one area that any modern business needs is a quality website. I speak to startup owners all the time. In my experience, there are too many occasions when the entrepreneur has a wonderful vision for their website and then gets talked out of it by a cheap web designer that wants to produce a website that is easy for them to replicate. The less work for the designer, the happier they are.

Not so with where they specialize in producing a handcrafted website. The difference between this and the run of the mill, out of the box websites is stunning. You want your website to sing about all the things you do well, and a website from will help you to do that. As you start your new company you will have ideas about the values that you hold and the type of company that you want to be viewed as. Your website is a natural extension of that. It is the presence that a large proportion of your customers and potential customers will first see. You want it to sing your values. You don’t want it to look like another corporate website that has been churned out by an un-inventive designer.

The guys at understand all of this so they work with you to create a website that you will be proud of. It should give the visitor a reason to look further, to return in the future and to buy from your company. This is not achieved by repeating what you can find everywhere else on the web. It is done by offering something unique and special. can make that special website by talking to you, listening to your needs and acting upon your requests.

At ‘245 days...’ I like to let you guys know about services that can really make a difference to your new business. I think that a high quality website that is handcrafted to your exact specifications is an investment really worth making. It can help to set you apart from your competition.

You can contact them via their website, social media or get them to call you. Talk to them today and you will learn what their handcrafted website can do for your business.

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