Friday 12 February 2016

Use a proven researched method for getting your mindset in the right place for business

In my ‘245 days...’ blog I like to find ways to help the budding startup entrepreneur. I believe that business, like life, is about a continual pathway of improvement. There are so many ways to improve on what you do. Improving your skills in important, but improving your mindset is equally important - and often overlooked.

How much of your success is in your mind? A positive outlook on what you do can actually makes a real difference, but how can you affect this? How can you change your mindset? Is this something they you can get better at?

To be as good as you can at business, it takes many different talents. Your knowledge and skill set needs to be as broad as possible for the industry you are working in. But in addition to this, you need mental capabilities-
  •        Confidence
  •        Optimism
  •         Determination
  •         Focus
  •         Dealing with Setbacks

But what if you need help in these areas? How can you improve here to make improvements in the your business?

Help can be found with

It works by using a proven researched method of listening to success messages while you are asleep. The busy startup owner doesn’t have hours during the normal working day to commit to extra learning, and your time away from work is precious. So the fact that this can be added to your routine while you sleep is a real time saver. Time is money, as they say.

To get your startup on the right tracks, Dr Teri Mahaney, Ph.D suggests that you take up a start a Change Your Mind program. This means that you get your mindset in the right place from the outset, and you go down the road of self-belief in making the money that your startup business craves. Every startup has this need for income in the early months because that is when you are finding your feet. Unfortunately this is also when the majority of small businesses fail. To become one of the small businesses that succeed, you need as much of a leg-up as you can get in as many areas of business as you can find. To be able to add the success mindset while you are sleeping will be a massive shot in the arm  to your business.

Some of the testimonials on the website show you how much difference these CD’s have made in the lives of those that have tried them.

“The CDs are more than amazing. They are truly breathtakingly life changing and it has given me so much hope.” - Josephine 

I wanted to personally thank you for the difference that SuperSleep® has made in my life. In particular, the Money series blew wide open the "glass ceiling" that I had hit financially.
In the first 2 months of listening to the series, I doubled my income. I am on track to easily make a six figure income for the fist time in my life. I would highly recommend this series to everyone.
The SuperSleep® program is a MUST for anyone who wants to open to possibility and climb over whatever wall they have been facing.
Mendy M

If you can commit to changing your mindset for the better then it will make a massive difference to the business owner that you are. Being positive, being confident in your abilities and being of the mindset that wants to make money are traits of the best entrepreneurs. To be able to refine and hone these behaviours will make a big difference to your startup company.

Dr, Mahaney suggests you start with her Success series, then move on to her Money series. Try them today.

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