Wednesday 24 February 2016

The lattice bracket is a great way to measure your atartup and where you need to be

At ‘245 days...’ I always like to take a look at the many sides of a startup business. Sometimes it is how you can save money; sometimes it is about how you can improve your business. I also like to take a look at other startup entrepreneurs and see how their inventiveness can mean something to your business. I took a look at the business at Rusty Frets a little while ago and today I will give you some ideas about your business (and probably the idea to go out and buy some of the product) by looking at another great invention.

There are many ways to start a great business. Some involve your experience in the industry you start in, gaining knowledge from an employer and then applying it for your own ends. Some involve an obsession you have to do something better than the rest, often drawn from your own experiences or passions. In my mind, the inventor is the ultimate in startup entrepreneurs. These inventions often come from years of experimentation and a prototype before a fully working product is available to the market.

One such invention is the lattice bracket which is fiendishly simple in design but solves an issue that has been around for a long time. Lattice work has been notoriously difficult to hang plant on. The option has always been to grow something in the ground and let this work its way up the lattice. This takes time. The lattice bracket solves this issue in an instant. It is a simple bracket that attaches to lattice work, whether it is metal or wood. It allows you to hang your plants on the existing lattice by placing a pot in the bracket. This solution is simple, elegant and cost-effective.

For your business, it shows how one great idea can change what you offer. I say that every great startup business needs to revolve around one great idea. The lattice bracket is a great idea that has started this company. You can find, and order lattice brackets at By having a single great idea for your startup it can focus everything else you do. Ask yourself the question at every decision point –

“Does this enhance the great idea?”

By giving yourself a focus you can use this as a yardstick to measure what you are trying to achieve.

New website? Does it sing and dance about the great idea? No? Then change it.

Marketing letter? Can your customers clearly see in the first paragraph what the idea is? Yes? Well that is just what I want.

Bill is the owner and inventor of and you can see his passion and knowledge in this area. When you are the entrepreneur, the startup owner, you want your customers to see your passion for your business in everything you do. You can learn from this great product for your own business. Take a look at the website, and get some lattice brackets to liven up your garden while you are there!

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