Sunday 1 February 2015

What's next? - my new strategy


After sounding off a bit on my last blog and feeling a bit rudderless, I've devised a new strategy to deal with all the different balls I'm trying to juggle at present. I've dubbed it the "what's next approach." On one sheet of paper I've made a note if all the areas I'm trying to progress in, then in each area I've written what I need to do next. Sounds simple? It has only started today after a little formulation in my brain last night and the process of writing these small steps down has been hugely refreshing in its own.

The list is-

The Business
Paint the left wall of the garage
Assemble the table that will be my desk
Paint the rest of the garage

At Home
Sand and paint the bathroom ceiling
Glue stones on cupboards in kitchen
Paint hall and landing

My "Books And Games" Selling Business
Get all stock out of loft and place in new office in garage
Check and update inventory

Finish a book I'm writing on how to buy a home
Edit the book down to get it ready to publish
Start the creative writing course I've enrolled in

Mystery shops
Update my spreadsheet with all shop data on
Prepare for the 7 shops I have on Thursday
Look at adding to the 4 shops I have on Friday
Look up online about self-assessment and tax

Photography course
Go to the local city and get the final city photos for my final project, based on the main river that runs by here
Retake some of the other photos I have, in the golden hour, to ensure the sky is lit best

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