Wednesday 25 February 2015

I am the answer, but I don't totally understand what the question is yet


I am the answer, but I don't totally understand what the question is yet.

I don't mind admitting that I sometimes have doubts over this new business estate agency thing. I suppose it's natural to have thoughts about maintaining the status quo, especially when I enjoy my life as it is. I have a many irons in the fire at the moment that I find I'm not concentrating on any one enough -

I have to compartmentalise areas if my life and the what's next method has started to pay dividends -

I've refined it a little and now I'm having weeks concentrated in certain areas to emphasise and maximise the amount in each area I get done. This week is stuff around the house week and has consisted today of-

Filling and sanding bathroom ceiling
Painting hall and landing walls
Buying a new kettle and milk pan
Buying sealant for the bathroom

Tomorrow will be sorting out-

Painting the bathroom ceiling
Buying curtains for my bedroom
Buying curtains for the landing
Buying a beanbag for the newly-configured lounge
Buying a lampshade for the lamp in my bedroom
Buying a rug for the lounge

All might seem fairly mundane things but all need to be sorted so I can concentrate my efforts all in one place.

The quote at the start about being the answer but not knowing the question really related to the doubts I have and what I want to do to give me a contingency income to allow me to carry in with the estate agency without constantly worrying about money. The blogs, the self-published books, the photography, etc are designed to give me financial security and a small monthly income no matter what the business is doing. If I can add that to income from investments and perhaps rental income from a property, then it allows me to go for it and take the risks that may be necessary to become a success.

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