Tuesday 10 February 2015

I'm still here!


In case anyone was wondering if is fallen off the face of the earth, this is just a short note to say that in still here.

Quite a bit of progress since I last posted, so here goes-

The Business
Paint the left wall of the garage done
Assemble the table that will be my desk -table broken -buying new desk tomorrow
Paint the rest of the garage -ran out of paint, buy some more tomorrow

At Home
Sand and paint the bathroom ceiling - tomorrow morning
Glue stones on cupboards in kitchen -tomorrow morning
Paint hall and landing - still a work in progress

My "Books And Games" Selling Business
Get all stock out of loft and place in new office in garage -done
Check and update inventory -tomorrow

Finish a book I'm writing on how to buy a home -3 chapters done, 5 to go
Edit the book down to get it ready to publish - first edit if written chapters done, final edit when all finished
Start the creative writing course I've enrolled in - after my photography course finishes in March 

Mystery shops
Update my spreadsheet with all shop data on -done
Prepare for the 7 shops I have on Thursday -done (ended up being 8 shops!)
Look at adding to the 4 shops I have on Friday done (got it up to 6 jobs!)
Look up online about self-assessment and tax -tomorrow

Photography course
Go to the local city and get the final city photos for my final project, based on the main river that runs by here - done
Retake some of the other photos I have, in the golden hour, to ensure the sky is lit best - no need, as the photos from above were do good

This update helps me as much as you guys, but it's nice to see some meat on the homes and some progress to the planning.

Tomorrow is a day off, and it looks like a busy day! Add 3 mystery shops to the above activities, but I'm confident that I'll get this done!

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