Wednesday 24 September 2014

The issue of my current employment


This is a quick post, and more of a sounding board and open question (probably to myself.)

I am struggling to motivate myself to work for someone else at the moment. In the big picture, I work for a multinational retailer. In the small picture I work for a boss who has been parachuted in from the graduate programme and doesn't know either the business or how to manage people.

I am thinking about a reduction in hours (from full-time) or a change in location (temporary relief from my manager) to maintain sanity for the next 244 days.

A full-time salary will come in useful, but not to the point where it may detriment the amount of time I can spend on settng up the estate agency.

A change of scene would keep me fresh in the run up to retail Christmas and provide a welcome distraction from the in-depth rigours of setting up my own business in my spare time.

I think I'll go and have a chat with my line manager. I'll keep you posted.
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