Tuesday 17 May 2016

The Woodpecker and the Wooden Giant is a great story to read with your children

I look at a great variety of products on my blog. I bring to you things to inspire you and things to make you think. The items that I most enjoy talking to you about are those that have been created from the passion and imagination of others. The imagination and inventiveness of other people is really inspiring to me. When I come across something that is truly original then I am inspired to create my own things of beauty.

Today I can let you know about a great new book for children called "The Woodpecker and The Wooden Giant" by Adam Shane Harrison. It is a story about Adrian the woodpecker and his quest to find the inner courage to save the forest he lives in when the giant comes along. It deals with the theme of bullying. The book provides a fictional basis for parents to talk to their children about how to stand up for themselves and how to deal with bullying. It is a great story and also has a functional side.

The artwork in the book is amazing. It is beautifully illustrated and this adds to the quality of the book. The illustrations help to really being the characters and the world they inhabit to life. Great illustrations like these add a real depth and power to the book. There are certain topics that you should be exploring with your child or children and bullying is one of those. It will open up the lines of communication about this subject. If your child ever needs to talk to you about bullying then you will have already laid the groundwork.

"The Woodpecker and the Wooden Giant" is a modern day classic in the making. It will thrill, entertain and inform you and your child in equal measures. Adrian receives help and wisdom from the ancient sea turtle dragon, Agathos in the story. This helps your child to understand that they can speak to an authority figure and get the help they need. I love the way that the book gives out strong and uplifting life messages but feels like a story book from start to finish.

Buy it now at Amazon or buy it now at Barnes & Noble. This book is truly a classic in the making and you will love the story, the characters and the illustrations that it brings into your life.

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