Monday 16 May 2016

Supercool pop up beach tent make your summer more enjoyable!!

I feature some great products on my blog and with the summer fast approaching it is time to start to look at what you will do when you are on the beach this summer. Harmful UV rays are always a worry when you are out for the day, especially if you have children. Sun lotion is a step in the right direction but something more can always be done. A sun shade tent can give you a base for your day at the 

helps you here. It looks fantastic and provides protection for you and your family when it comes to the sun. It also has the following features that make this pop up tent perfect companion on your beach trip-

  •          It is lightweight so you can carry it easily
  •          It is rugged so it stands up to the elements
  •          You don’t need to assemble – it has an innovative pop up design
  •          It has special silver coated fabric to protect from UV rays

And this sun shelter isn’t just useful for a day at the beach. You can use it at the park, a sporting event or just in your back yard. The potential uses are endless and you will always be safe in the knowledge that it is protecting you and your family.

As well as being practical and functional, this amazing tent looks cool as well. You will be the most stylish family on the beach or wherever you take your tent. Just think of the reactions of others when you set this up in a matter of seconds.

You can find this amazing beach tent at so don’t delay and check it out today.

And what’s more, I can bring you a great promotion code for 15% off the tent today. Just enter the code tent15of to receive your discount at the checkout. There are only a limited number of discounts available so act fast to avoid disappointmentThis is an opportunity not to be missed.
As the summer approaches you need to get all of your kit together for happy days out.
Don’t just take my word for it. You can find it on YouTube and you can see how easy it is to pop up and take down again.

e-Joy Automatic Instant Pop Up Instant Portable Outdoors Cabana Beach Tent Shelter

If you are a retailer then get in touch because there are discounts available if you want to buy in bulk to sell to your customers. Just contact at

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