Friday 22 January 2016

The next book is almost ready - and I'm starting on the project after that!

I've finished draft one of the content for my next book. It's a book about writing a book! It will talk through the process of writing a top selling non-fiction book. What I have left to do is-

  • Edit the content
  • Add any extras, such as illustrations or charts
  • Get the cover designed
  • Publish
  • Market the book
It's exciting stuff!

I've started the brainstorming for the next project and it will be entitled something like the following-

I'll show you how to become an estate agent

I want to produce a book, a MOOC (massive online open course), a support consultancy, a website and an app.

From here I think that I will be able to provide support for both startup estate agencies and marketing ideas for established agents. I will also make available a set of documents for estate agents-

  • Contracts
  • Letters
  • Invoices
  • Prospecting letters

These will be available to be bought singly or as a pack. Each document will be set up as both an administrative tool and a marketing tool.

As with all of the writing projects I've been doing, once the content is produced then it just sits there awaiting purchase. There will be annual reviews and updates (possibly more frequently than this for the MOOC) but essentially the work is done.

I've always wanted to have a set income coming through that frees me up to do other things and along with everything else I've written, this feels like it's getting there.

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