Thursday 25 June 2015

Stumbling across ideas and answers when looking for something else


I've just been listening to an episode of The Infinite Monkey Cage about serendipity and one of the themes struck me as rather useful-

It was regarding the fact that the research departments of some major companies were afforded 15% of their work time to pursue whatever projects their interest desired. And from this, many great discoveries were made that produced massive financial windfalls for their companies.

I was listening to this podcast as I was running (yes, it's started again) and this always gives me time to think about what I'm listening to. I related it back to my own experiences recently with setting up the business. I can chastise myself when I set out to do something, particularly on the internet, and end up going off at many tangents. But these tangents have brought mystery shopping and cashback sites to supplement my income.

And I'm sure that linked to the business launch there will be many more tangents into areas that just start out as something interesting I see and end up with previous finds.

My blog on estate agency matters - - often starts out this way. I'm just looking or reading and I see an article or idea that I explore and run with. The finished article doesn't always enter my mind until I've typed in the page - and the ideas can come back to me as I type and think about it.

So I think that I'll be less hard onysf every time I wander through the internet and end up finding something other than where I started. Because you just don't know where it could lead…

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