Tuesday 23 June 2015

Days of relative inactivity must stop


After a great Fathers Day and the photographs I took (see previous blog) I've had a couple of days if relative inactivity. Now I've been working for 8 hours a day in my employed role for the last two days but it's stopped me from getting in with the task in hand - making money.

That said, it's mainly the administrative side of things I've let slip, with the mystery shops, paid surveys and selling tasks in the PC having been left behind. I did manage to procure about 200 books for the princely sum of £3 yesterday so there is progress being made on this front. eBay is where this purchase originated and I'm on the lookout for joblots of books locally at a good price. The next task here is to add them to my inventory on Amazon to have them seen by the public and hopefully to make sales. I think that the sale of only one of these books will pay back the outlay and the mileage, and there will be some in there for my children, for the local playgroup and charity as well. So everyone wins, to a degree.

So tonight after work (another 8 hour shift) tomorrow morning and tomorrow evening will be set aside for catch-up as suspect my email inbox will be showing over 200. And about half will be money making opportunities from survey companies or mystery shopping companies. Looking forward to it!

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