Wednesday 20 May 2015

More dusk photography and silhouetting


I've been out in the evening again and taken some photos as the darkness creeps in. It's a developing style, and I like the silhouette effect that it creates-

The first one is of the River Wear and of Durham Cathedral. It was at the start of the evenings photography session and the light was probably a little brighter than I'm used to trying these photographs at. I've ramped down the shutter speed to try to retain a silhouette effect in the centre of the photograph around the bridge and it's reflection.

I then moved around the city a little, looking as the light failed to create the effect I try to create-

This is Durham Castle from the Palace Green through the trees. The sky is just getting to where I want it, with there still enough light to highlight the passing clouds and add some interest to the sky. Outlines of buildings such as castles are really striking in silhouette, as is the Cathedral-

Again, there's enough in the sky to keep it interesting, and I've included the trees as a backdrop to the silhouette of the Carhedral. The flag flying at the top of the main spire seemed to top it all off for me.

Lastly, the light was getting really dim, so I switched from focussing on the sky to focussing on the city.

The last of the daylight is amplified by the reflection in the River Wear. I like the effect of the vast amounts of dark created by the silhouettes of the trees in the river banks. The fact that approximately a third of the photo is black, still allows the viewer a good idea of the composition of the photo.

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