Friday 22 May 2015

I'm back for a little while longer


Just a really short note today to say that the operation was postponed as my surgeon had a ostient in with a higher priority. No idea of the new operation date, so watch this space.

On Thursday, the lack of operation have me the gift of time again, so I tried to out it to good use.

I've made alterations to my website to counter the effect of 'mobilegeddon.' This is where Google have changed the way they rank your website in their searches. It is related to how mobile-friendly your website is, so I've increased the font size and increased the spaces between the links. This makes it easier to use on a smartphone, so it should help me in terms of my search ranking.

I also came across a site called Twitterfeed, which I thought would create an RSS feed from my blogs and automatically upload blog entries into Twitter (and LinkedIn.) It was set for 3 uploads every half hour, but I've just checked and it uploaded the first 3 and nothing since. So I'll get on to them and see whether I've missed something out or whether I've misunderstood what it actually does.

Updates to follow!

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