Monday 19 January 2015

Weighing myself daily sheds a while new light upon my diet


Weighing myself daily sheds a while new light upon my diet.

Since I started my new diet (for the avoidance of doubt, I'm just watching what I'm eating) I've weighed myself daily just before cleaning my teeth. I've found the results fascinating. Having never fine this before, it's a whole new world to me. My weight fluctuates by a few pounds and in starting to put together an idea of how this works, and what I need to do to keep the pounds off.

Take yesterday, for example. It was a day off work and as such I moved around a lot less. Usually on a work day I'll walk approximately 10,000 to 12,000 steps as I am on my feet in different areas of my work all day long. I probably struggled to reach 1,000 steps yesterday. So, even though I ate less, I've our on 2 pounds. 2 pounds on! That halves my loss of 4 pounds from the whole of last week.

Conclusion -walk more, every day but also I need to look at eating much less on lazy days around the house. Logic dictates that I need fewer calories when I'm burning fewer calories.

I'm back to work today and last Thursday, Friday and Saturday I think I found the formula. My normal lunch, plenty of fluids and walking everywhere - and I lost 2 pounds a day for each of these days. I now have the next three days at work before I need to think about how I conduct myself on Thursday. I've got 5 mystery shops lined up so far (only one of them is good based) and I will have to think about things like where I park to ensure that I'm walking at least a reasonable distance to keep the calories burning!

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