Sunday 4 January 2015

A year of experiences to go alongside opening my business


Last year started with all my thoughts on my impending 40th birthday. It was in early February and the birthday celebrations were in Rome with my wife and kids, Mum and Dad and met up with my cousin and his Roman girlfriend while we were there.

Thinking about the fact that I was nearly 40 got me thinking about all the things I wanted to experience, both in that year and before I leave this earth. So I did the following things-

Trained for and ran the Great North Run half marathon and raised nearly £500 for 2 charities close to my heart. In the process I got fit again, lost over a stone in weight and felt more confident about myself and the world.

Entered the audition process for The Apprentice television programme. I got from the original 22,000 that entered down to the last 200 or so, but it wasn't to be. The audition process was thrilling and the atmosphere was truly electric, but I didn't get through to the final round of selection.

Entered into the audition process for Mastermind the television programme, and got to the round just before TV filming. This involved going through two rounds of testing and interviews. Again, I found the process in itself very rewarding.

Self-published my own book on Amazon. It's the book listed at the bottom of the page here, What Traditional Estate Agents Don't Tell You. It's a self-help guide for consumers to choose the right estate agent and how to help themselves and their agent in how to sell their home. I followed this up with a second self-published book for estate agents, which was an analysis of the estate agency For Sale board.

Plans for this year include-

Run the Great North Run again
Take an online fiction writing course
Self publish another help book
Self publish a fiction book
Re-enter Mastermind
Enter The Chase television programme
Set up Massive Online Open Course (MOOC)

What Traditional Estate Agents don't tell you: A guide to getting the most out of selling your home by Steven Thompson

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