Friday 17 March 2017

Making tea has never been easier – or more stylish!

Tea is the liquid that oils the wheels of business the world over. Forget the recent lean towards coffee started in the United States. Tea has always been the number one drink for the startup professional.

Teasenz have seen this potential. The thing is, they know tea inside out. They source authentic teas from the different regions of China, the home of tea. They then ship these beautiful teas to people who supply tea and consumers that love to drink it. They offer a great variety of teas, including –

·         Black tea

·         Green tea

·         Oolong

·         Pu-erh tea

·         Herbal teas

·         Flower teas

But once you have the perfect tea delivered to your doorstep, you have something to consider –

What is the best way to make the perfect cup of tea?

Well, thankfully, Teasenz have thought if that as well. They have developed a new Tea Maker that will give you brilliant results time after time. When you want the best tea you need the best ingredients and the right tools. Teasenz provide both.

So why is the Teasenz Tea Maker so good?

It works because they understand tea. It has the following benefits –

·         It is an infuser that makes brewing tea easy

·         It is designed to fit most teapots and mugs

·         It is finished with soft silicone to protect you from burns (and it looks great too!)

·         Its super-fine stainless steel strainer stops even the smallest leaves from seeping through

·         The design is a stunning portrayal of tea leaves that look fantastic

Check out the You Tube video for more on this fantastic product. You can get yours from –


  1. I'm a long time Teasenz fan and buy all my Chinese teas from them. I mainly use my clay teapots to steep tea, so this accessory isn't that useful for me. However, I can imagine it's great for those who're just starting to discover real tea.

  2. Thank you for your comment. It's good to hear from a tea connoisseur! As you say, more people should try real tea.