Saturday 20 August 2016

Odie And Cody Pet Shampoo is natural and ethical

I love to feature some great startup businesses and their products on my blog. Today I have the pleasure of featuring a brand that has a strong ethos and gives back to the community. Odie and Cody produce a natural and organic pet shampoo that is available now so you can look after your pet in a natural way. It is made with care and attention in small batches so you can buy with confidence because it is a 100% natural product certified organic to USDA standards.

The Odie and Cody Natural Organic Pet Shampoo doesn’t sting, burn or itch your pets when you give them a bath and leaves their skin feeling great. It is –

  •          Vegan
  •          Gluten-free
  •          Hypoallergenic
  •          Natural
  •          Organic

The shampoo will really look after your pet, make them feel pampered and you will feel happy in the knowledge that you are using a product that will not cause them harm and is made in a sustainable and ethical way.

Another great feature of the Odie and Cody brand is that they generate a proportion of their profits to animal welfare charities that help to look after pets and save animals from being needlessly killed because of overcrowding in animal shelters.

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