Friday 4 March 2016

The message is loud and clear - never give up!

At ‘245 days…’ I like to take a look at some up and coming startup entrepreneurs as well as give hints, tips and advice on how to get the most out of your startup business. There are many ways in which to set up your own startup company and as we have looked at in the past, all you need to begin with is a great idea along with the passion and rive to make it work. I love to spend my time speaking to entrepreneurs whether fact to face or via the internet. Their passion brings my passion to life.

Today I am looking at an entrepreneur who has overcome some of the things that life can throw at you to become part owner of a Smartphone bag company called FattTrixx. She is called Tracy Austin. She has a great product and a really interesting story to tell. Tracy Austin her mother passed when she was 6 month old just weeks after learning that Tracy was deaf in both ears. She did not let this hold her back and has been a big part of the FattTrixx bag. She never gave up.

The product is so well crafted and is practical as well because it converts into an urban bag, a luxury bag and a sporty business bag so it is perfect for all occasions. The idea part of a startup business can trigger all sorts of other areas for your business. To go from a single idea of a changeable but still fashionable bag and then to have the vision to turn this into a business that is up and coming is the story that sums up entrepreneurship.

A portion of the proceeds go to HELP END EVICTIONS which means that they are not only setting up a great business, they are helping others as well. There is a lesson here for all businesses large and small.

Take this lesson and apply it to your business. Take a look at what this could mean for your startup. If you have a great idea then just go ahead and run with it. You still need to plan to make sure that you have everything lined up properly to make a success of it. But don’t let doubts get in the way. Be like Tracy and never give up!
Visit them and get a Custom set at or check them out on Tracy Kyle Show

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