Friday, 1 December 2017

Startups in Majorca - is it for you?

I recently visited the beautiful island of Majorca, and took a look at the Majorca startup scene while I was there. A small island in the Med feels like it can't be a startup hotbed, but there are some great reasons to set up in Majorca. If you want somewhere that is a great place to live, as well as offering access to certain industries, then Majorca is ideal for you.

Of course, the ideal Majorca startup would be one focused on providing services to the hotel, restaurant or bar industries. The island is heavily dependent on tourism, even if all the people of the island are not totally behind it. This means that the startup that can provide something different for the hospitality industry can find great success there. You can walk down the main streets of the major resorts and it is bar after bar, restaurant after restaurant and hotel after hotel. Having these as clients would be a huge success for a startup on the island.

Mallorca startups

There is a lot of support on the island for the startup business, as you would expect. One of the biggest draws at the moment is for investors. As business gets on its feet, there is the need for cash to support it. Even if you don't want to relocate, then the Mallorca startup scene is still within reach.

For many of the creative industries, especially those that conduct their business online, then the draw of the sun, sea and sand might be enough to think about moving there. If you live out of the resorts, then property prices are low. The transport systems are good enough that you can get around if needed. But not having to find local businesses to work with means you can work pretty much anywhere in the world. How about making it Mallorca?

Growing the startup scene

One of the main problems that any startup scene faces is looking for growth. It takes collaboration and development to get anywhere with a startup, unless you have incredibly deep pockets. So connecting with other like-minded people is essential.

Meetup has become a global startup hangout, with local people using the functionality of the site to connect with others. The Palma de Mallorca startup meetup has matured to contain hundreds of members, so would be the ideal place to visit if you are starting out on the island. Check it out today!

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