Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Reading as a startup owner - the route to success

Reading might be something you associate with the planning phase of a startup business. If you want ideas and inspiration, then you might find these in business books. People read scores of books when they are researching their idea or planning how they will pull it all together. But once a startup gets off the ground, time is a scarce resource that you don't want to waste. So, reading falls by the wayside as you focus all your time and energy on two vital things -
  1. Making money
  2. Keeping your customers happy
All the planning is used trying to launch the business and can be discarded quite soon after. So, what is all this planning for?

Taking your business in a set direction

The alternative to planning, no matter how likely it is that the plan will be thrown to one side along the road, is to just wing it. There might be a chance of success using this route, but it isn't a high chance. Building a direction for your business is what will help you to make decisions and deal with setbacks. Knowing the route that you are on, and having faith that it will lead to success, is the formula that will support your ambition.

If you know where you want to be in the end, then there will be a series of smaller steps along the way that will get you there. They say that 'Rome wasn't built in a day,' and no business became a success overnight. Having a clear way forward helps you to get there in the end.

Reading as part of this

Your knowledge of the world around you (the world that your business operates in) needs to be updated, refreshed and challenged constantly. You make improvements by thinking differently about what you do. Reading is all a part of this. Every profession in the world has adapted significantly over the last 20 years with the introduction of technology. And it will do the same again over the next few years.

You need to stay in touch with what makes your customers tick, new ideas on marketing and the technical differences in your industry, among other things. Reading up on these is the ideal way to stay in control. A startup is ready for the day it launches. But the following day, a fraction of a percent has moved. One day or one week doesn't make a massive difference. But over the course of months and years, the business world changes - the real world changes - and you need to stay up to date. Reading should be an integral part of your startup strategy. 

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