Monday, 25 September 2017

The best platform for your startup blog

Startups are high on the media agenda today - with news articles about the likes of unicorns, startups and entrepreneurs filling the pages of some websites. There are so many people that want to read about startup business, how it progresses and what the future opportunities are. So are you producing content for yourself? Do you hire a content writer to produce something for you? Hoe do you connect to your audience? What is the best platform for your startup blog today?

To determine the best platform for your startup blog yo need to know what you want to achieve with it. Some startups blog for the sake of it. I suggest that you have a reason in mind when you produce content for your startups business. This could be -
  • You need to explain what you offer in more detail
  • You have a product or service that is brand new to most consumers
  • You want to engage 'sneezers'
There are many reasons to blog for your startup. Once you understand the reason behind why you might blog, you will need to consider the best platform for your startup blog to achieve those goals.

The best platform for your startup blog

On the face of it, this seems like an open-ended question. The best platform will depend on what you have available to you. Blogging isn't an exact science, so you may think one platform works for you to find out that you have to switch to another later on to achieve your goals. Don't be afraid of this. Look for the best platform for your startup blog from the outset. Here are the options -


Of course, here I am on Blogger, using the functionality it brings to efficiently write my blogs and share with the world. I like the fact that it is owned by Google, I feel that this helps me on the search engines. I like the fact that I was able to set it up in a matter of minutes and then just type away.

But I don't mind admitting that there are several parts of Blogger that I don't like. It is basic, and looks that way for my readers at times. I am looking at moving my blogs away from Blogger and a new platform. The best platform for your startup blog may not be the one you begin with.

Your own website

'There's no place like home' - or so we have been told. Your own website could be the perfect place to house your blog. Assuming that you have a Content Management System on your website, then you can upload new content. Speak to your web designer to make sure that you have a 'blog' or 'latest news' section set up and then you can utilise this for your blog.

This means that everything is housed in the same place. Rather than writing on one website and then directing people back to your main website, you can have it all in one place. The blogs can work on your SEO, enhancing the effectiveness of your website.

A separate blog website

There may be reasons that you keep your blog separate from the rest of your business. When choosing the best platform for your startup blog there are considerations to make. Your website will look and feel a certain way, your blog may not follow the same pattern. The reasons to keep your blog separate from your website include -

  • The blog isn't totally relevant to your main offering
  • You use a very different tone to the rest of your site
  • You want your blog to stand on its one, maybe even its own brand
  • You want to write objectively, across your industry
  • You have different plans for the blog and website at some stage in the future (maybe sell one off)

So if you want to keep these separate, then you will look for a separate website as the best platform for your startup blog as a solution. This could be a WordPress site or a bespoke build. Whatever it is, make the best use of it.

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