Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The 5 questions that every startup business needs answers to on keywords

Any startup business owner had probably seen keywords listed on websites as an important way to grow their business. But if you don't know what they are or how they can help your business then trying to use them can be a minefield. Plugging your website full of keywords might seem like a clever way to get Google to boost your ranking but it doesn't work that way.

Here is my guide to understanding keywords through the 5 questions that every startup business needs answers to on keywords

What are keywords?
Keywords are the way that Google can understand and sort websites in terms of how relevant they are to what their users are searching for. They want to deliver the most relevant results so that their users keep coming back to Google whenever they need to search for something online. So if your website contains the relevant keywords then it will appear at the top of the search ready for people to click on to and visit your website.

For example, if you sell cars in Idaho then your likely keywords will include-

"car sales Idaho"
"Idaho car sales"
"used cars Idaho"
"buy a car in Idaho"

And others. So if you have these phrases in several places in your website then the Google search bots will find you and rank you accordingly. If someone types "car sales Idaho" in Google then your optimized website should appear very near the top of the search. 

What keywords relate to my business?
In short, you need to do some research. Start typing into Google all of the terms that you think are relevant to your business in Google. Think what a potential customer will type in if they want to find and use you. Start with the most obvious and then start to think outside the box. Each time you search take a note of the search term you used and where in the rankings you came.

There are also tools that you can use that will give you help and advice on relevant search terms. Check out-

How do I use them?
Firstly they need to appear naturally in your text. Just sandwiching in a keyword because you think it will help your website won't work at all for your visitors. The more naturally they appear then the better your potential audience will react.

You need to have your keyword feature around 3 or 4 times on a page. Once in the heading, once in a sub header and a couple of times in the text are ideal. Just think about how you want it all to flow well and for people to not only be able to find you on Google, but to be able to gain something from your content.

What do they do for my business?
The most important thing that they do is to get you found on the internet. when Google searches the web for results that match what their users are searching for then keywords will make your business more visible. This will lead to more clicks and, if your content is right, this will lead to more sales.

Business in the current environment thrives when it is found and trusted online. Your move up the Google search rankings will help you connect to more customers and appear as a more trusted company.

Do they generate me sales?
On their own, no. A keyword can't generate you any more sales than having a website. But what they can do is work together with the rest of your marketing efforts to drive more people to buy from you. marketing needs to be integrated and the core of all your marketing is your content. Make sure it is working hard for your business.

If you have any concerns about content then get in touch and I'll answer any questions you have.

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