Tuesday, 29 November 2016

What does content do for a startup business?

Startups have it tough in the first few weeks and months. Many startup businesses fail in the early days because they don't have enough customers to get them started. A startup launches with a vision but it is only by connecting with potential customers that the vision becomes reality.Not enough customers means not enough sales and we all know where that leads.

But the advantages of the early days of a startup business with few customers is that you have a lot of time on your hands. This time can be drained away by hours on the internet or looking fruitlessly for opportunities but there is a better way. This time can be put to use in producing content that will get your startup business seen.

Content talks to people that you want as your customer.It reaches parts of your market that you are just not able to in the early days. Your content works hard for you in moving your website up the Google search rankings and delivering a new audience to your website. Your content opens doors that you didn't even know where there to be knocked on.

But where do I start?

You need to start with a plan. If you identify all the key words and phrases that you want your website to feature on in Google searches then you have a good starting point. After this do your research. There might be some words or phrases that are just beyond your reach. For example-

You won't be able to feature on the first page for 'bathrooms' because it is too competitive
But you might be able to feature on 'bathrooms County Durham' because it is a smaller field

The more relevant search terms will mean far more to you as a customer anyway. If you are selling bathrooms, using the same example, then you will be much more likely to sell them to local customers than national customers.

Once you have an idea about the targets you want to hit then it is time to start planning out your content.

What do I write about?

The best content gives something away to your customers. They want to read something that they get something out of. If they land on your page and all it does is try to sell to them then you will put visitors off. If you give them information that they didn't already have when they arrived then you have someone who is likely to return and far more likely to recommend you or buy from you.

So the content needs to have those key phrases that you have identified but also give something away. If you give away everything you have then you get so much more back in return. This is the principle of content writing. You show people that you know what you are talking about and they come back to you for your product or service.

But what if I'm just not a writer?

Don't worry. We all have our skills. If you just can't come up with the ideas for your content then I can help you plan this out. We can work together to produce a content marketing plan that really works for your startup business. Just get in touch and we can take it from there.

If you feel that you can't write in a compelling way then I can help you there too. Contact me and I will let you know how I can help.

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