Monday, 20 June 2016

You can star in my detective novel set in Durham

You can star in my detective novel set in Durham.

This Kickstarter campaign is a unique opportunity to get yourself or someone you love (or even someone you hate - see below) immortalized in print forever! This is a detective novel that will be set in the beautiful city of Durham in the North East of England. There are many 'roles' up for grabs, including-

  • The hero - the detective that solves the mysterious deaths and wins the day!
  • The villain - the killer that is ingenious but is inevitably evil
  • One of the victims - the people that are killed by the villain
  • The sidekick - the faithful 2nd detective that helps our hero along the way
You don't just get to add a name to a character, you get to be a real part of the process by giving that character 5 characteristics, either emotional or physical.This means that you can really personalize this character to be someone that you want to be - or personalize the character so it resembles you in a meaningful way.

There are also exclusive rewards for backers in the form of-
  • On location photos
  • Monthly updates on the book and your character
  • Be named in the acknowledgements of the book
  • Receive an advance copy of the book in pdf or word format

This is my first foray into writing a novel for myself. I have written many for other people and published many non-fiction books for myself. I am really excited about getting to spend time in Durham to really develop the book in terms of how it feels. I want to capture the very essence of Durham City and get it on to the page. I see this book selling really well on Amazon Kindle and then I will take that success to a publisher.

This is a great opportunity to be a part of this great Kickstarter campaign and be a part of a book that will hopefully go on to many in the series and a bit of immortality for the character you choose!

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