Monday, 4 January 2016

Review of where 2015 has taken my writing

It's time to take a look back at where the year has taken me before I look forward to where I want to go. 2015 started with solid ambitions to open an estate agency in my home town but that has been put on ice, and initially was set to start in Spring 2016.

Where my work has taken me in 2015

A lot of the build up to opening an estate agency has surrounded my attempts to have other means of generating another income. This has been for two reasons-

  1. To have money to invest in the business
  2. To have an income for the first few months before the estate agency income starts rolling in
This has involved work in a few fields, but 2015 has seen my writing really take off. I have published 3 books and started freelance writing. I'll take a look at these in turn.

The Secrets of Mystery Shopping

This book came about from my experience and skill in the practice of mystery shopping. It is a guide to how to go about becoming a successful mystery shopper. It has been my most popular book to date and gets all the feedback. It has been supported by a poster campaign and a blog.

How to Buy a Home - and How to Sell It Too

This book was an editing project rather than a completely new set of writing. It is the amalgamation of two of my other books and comes together to explain the house buying and selling process in the UK. It has gained great feedback on Amazon, although I would like more reviews than the current one.

How To Buy Your First Home

"How To Buy Your First Home" actually came before "How to Buy a Home - and How to Sell It Too" and has been almost as popular. It's a book solely aimed at the home buying process, so anyone looking to get their first home will be able to look at the process step-by-step.


I started with Fiverr as a buyer but soon progressed to selling on there. I thoroughly enjoy the diverse nature of the businesses on Fiverr and find there are lots of opportunities to write.

That's my review of the writing developments for 2015, and my next blog entry will be on where I want things to go in 2016.

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