Sunday, 28 June 2015

Losing weight has been easy - now time to keep the momentum


I'm currently going through a determined period of weight loss, manly by personal judgement of when I'm hungry and how much I feel I need, rather than following any set diet. The weight loss is deliberately steady - I'm looking to lose 2 pounds per week for seven weeks in total before I go on holiday. The first couple of weeks have been easy, and I started two weeks ago today and I've lost 5 pounds so far. The steady decline in weight is something I've researched and the medical consensus on dieting is that your body reacts better to losing 1 or 2 pounds a week than at a faster rate.

The first two weeks have been based around cutting out the extras such as snacks between meals and grabbing a soft drink or chocolate bar as I'm passing the kitchen. This has worked alongside smaller breakfast portions and a big reduction in the amount of white bread I'm eating. I've done this in three areas - no toast for breakfast, lunch down from 4 to 2 slices of bread and having whole meal bread on some occasions. It was a simple change that I've mulled over for some time but I find that it leaves me feeling less bloated and ready for the day.

I think that the next two weeks will probably be the start of the tougher tests, as the initial focus and the impact of the initial changes recede. It's from here in that I need to start doing something else to keep up the momentum. I've started running again - it's been almost a year since I completed the Great North Run half marathon and my training stopped almost immediately after it. I was disappointed with my run and my time and I lost interest. This was exacerbated by the fact that I didn't get a place in this year's ballot and I've been out of training. I'm just looking at a run of approximately 3.2 miles twice a week. This won't bring about a major weight loss in itself but will burn up some of the calories I intake on those days.

And looking beyond the seven weeks, I want to control my weight rather than lose any more. If I keep on track with my goals then I'll have lost a stone over the course of this period. I think that I'll put a few pounds of it back on whilst on holiday but when I'm there it will be incredibly hot, I'll be swimming daily, walking long distances and running twice a week - it's just the food intake that will change!

So here goes, the start of another week and it's a 5-day week at my day job, so I'll be on the move all day. I find these days easier to at least keep the weight off because I'm standing up all day and I walk for several hours.

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