Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A full days mystery shopping and some time into own


A full days mystery shopping yesterday, and a little time on my own. It doesn't happen very often since we had children - some time just to myself. Although I was working on mystery shops for several different providers, it was a great opportunity to drive, walk, shop and eat by myself. A few hours of having to answer to nobody else was refreshing.

It started with a visit to a clothing concession in a major store, where I had to assess the service and knowledge of a team member before trying on an item and making a purchase. All good so far.

Secondly to another town to covertly watch the actions of an entertainment provider and then to approach then and ask a question about their services. He was very good at his job.

Then to return an item bought on a previous mystery shop for a refund. This is one of the very few mystery shop companies that allow you to do this.

After that it's lunch, and an assessment of three stress of a catering facility. The service and food are both top notch.

Another town and a bookmakers, where I'm to play dumb and ask someone how to place a bet. I'm offered a cup of tea to boot - a great added extra in a cold day. Only two to go!

Next stop is a pub and I'm to order two pints and to see if they are poured to the company's exact specifications. She passes, I give her a certificate and she's delighted! It makes my day as well.

Last stop is another town on the way home to a food retailer. They are known for quite poor service but this store is an exception. The team are friendly and proactive.

Then it's back home to file my reports, and they are all so well written that I fly through them.

More money than I usually get in a day with my employer, a t-shirt, £5 worth of food goods, my dinner and a free (winning) bet. And I'm off to do it all again next Thursday!

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